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 Tin Man: Part 5
This brings us to the end of Part Two. Not that you’d know it from the pacing, but whatever! PREVIOUSLY, ON TIN MAN: Everyone in this miniseries is carrying a little notebook. This time: Who wants some narrative suspense! Or, some more Tin Man, whichever.… Read more »
 Tin Man: Part 4
And we’re back! I took a break to try to get some perspective, because after six thousand words on this stupid series and not even on Part Two, something was wrong. So, I took a breather and turned on the TV, and within seconds was just as hilariously pissed as ever! PREVIOUSLY, ON TIN MAN: Azkadellia has monkeybats that fly out of her boobs! What? Like you remember anything else from those two hours. Join me for Hour Three, won’t you?… Read more »
Tin Man: Part 3
We’re back for another installment of Tin Man: The “Review”. This review brings us up to the end of Part One of the miniseries. It’s two hours of fun for the average viewer. So, so much more for me. PREVIOUSLY, ON TIN MAN: DG leaves behind her backstory and stumbles around the O.Z. Alan Cumming is happy to be working again. Neal McDonough can pull a hat out of ANYWHERE. (The Evil Azkadellia can totally beat him at that game, by the way. Stay tuned!) Zero, all be-coated, is after… Read more »
Tin Man: Part 2
And we’re back! By all means start with Part 1. And then go get a cup of coffee, and then come back here. Pretend it was a commercial break. PREVIOUSLY, ON TIN MAN: DG is poorly named. Azkadellia the Evil Witch is even more poorly named, because she has a big unnecessary “l” right in the middle. Also, her last name is apparently Evil Witch. Azkadellia’s men have huge guns and dimension-hopping technology, and they ride horses. DG gets thrown into the O.Z. (bitch), and goes looking for her parents… Read more »
Tin Man: The "Review"
Okay, so, in the interest of educating the populace as to the horrors of the Tin Man miniseries, i’ve embarked on a review. Below is Part 1 of ? (I’ll let you know); the rest are coming as soon as I can type them up. TIN MAN: A Not-at-all-brief Review to Spare the Populace NOTE: I erased this thing from my TiVo INSTANTLY, so this is all from memory. There will be gaps. No, you won’t notice. It’s like saying someone poked a hole in your Swiss cheese. DRAMATIS PERSONAE… Read more »

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