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Tin Man: Part 7 the FINAL
That’s right, you guys – this is the last installment of the Tin Man miniseries. I have erased it from my TiVo with murderous glee, and am ridiculously proud to bring you this last horrific look into the mind of a madman director and the cast he probably blackmailed. LAST TIME, ON TIN MAN: Free-agency-less DG was hanging out with her creepy and remarkably hairy dad, dropping exposition like sandbags across this fair land of teeny-tiny weather systems. Azkadellia, sans one boobybat, was totally following them with her laser-gun horseback… Read more »
Tin Man: Part 6
We’re at Part Three! One hour to go! PREVIOUSLY, ON TIN MAN: A hot mess. This week on TIN MAN: You’d think by hour five we’d be out of Exposition Flats and into the Action Forest. You’d be wrong. Disclaimer: I had to keep stopping this section to go throw up. Sure, I had a stomach bug, but maybe it was also because this exposition-licious hour was the worst so far. We’ll never know!… Read more »
I’m getting more and more excited about The Red Shoes. For an example of why this movie is so gleefully fucked in the head, here’s the video box: This is the image they used in the children’s section of the video store to advertise the very best of the movie and make you want to rent it for your child. My memory is not perfect, but I saw this movie on VHS about four years ago, so it’s all pretty fresh. Key elements: Hans Christian Anderson is summoned to his… Read more »

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