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How You Can Tell "The Other Boleyn Girl" is Going to Suck: A Field Guide
So, who’s planning to see The Other Boleyn Girl? Nobody, right? And how did you know (besides the casting) that this movie was going to suck even before the reviews told you? It’s because humans are genetically able to sense horrible costuming inaccuracies and shortcuts, and act accordingly. The same way we can tell that a dog is about to attack, we know this movie is terrible. Even Cate Blanchett (who shouldn’t be throwing a lot of stones about historical inaccuracy) can’t bring herself to look directly at this post.… Read more »
KGB last night was really interesting; horror is not my favorite genre (it raises my blood pressure, which really does not need to be raised any higher, trust me), but all four of last night’s stories were really well-crafted and read very well and was a great example of how horror can be deliciously creepy. Good stuff. Then I had to run to tango, which meant no dinner. Next time! This week’s movie obsession is The Duchess of Langeais, which looks to be awesome: both understated and over-the-top, two great… Read more »

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