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Questionable Taste Theatre: "The Reckoning"
So coming up on Questionable Taste Theatre is a random spate of period dramas. I’m a costume whore, what can I say? We begin Ye Olde Monthe with the 14th century mystery The Reckoning. (The link goes to the trailer, which is worth seeing.) Nutshell: Disgraced priest Paul Bettany falls in with a group of traveling actors, led by the MOST SINEWY PERSON IN THE WORLD, Willem Dafoe. When they hit a town that’s less interested in morality plays than in convicting the local deaf woman for the murder of… Read more »
An unexpected casualty of Questionable Taste Theatre is going through YouTube for any relevant clips, and then getting lost in a maze of hilarious music videos. Or, worse, someone’s funky fetish video collection. (If your usename contains “padded cell” and you have a bunch of clips of women in straightjackets, please, never contact me, okay?) SO. No video clips of today’s film, The Linguini Incident, and almost no pictures, because this movie is so rare that I am the only person who remembers it was ever made. What this movie… Read more »
This week I celebrate my fat-kid-cakeness love of Thunderheart. It has Val Kilmer before he got crazy, Graham Greene before he couldn’t get work any more, and EIGHT POUNDS OF PWN. Enjoy this beautifully-composed shot…right before this dude is killed-ass. NOTE: All pictures are from this site; I saved them here to avoid hotlinking. SPOILERS if you go. In fact, SPOILERS all around! Beware. Nutshell: By-the-books FBI Agent Ray Levoi is 1/4 Sioux; that gets him sent to a Sioux reservation in South Dakota as a “liasion” for a murder… Read more »
Never has Emma Thompson’s judgemental glare been so painful to me. Yes, it’s Her Alibi. The movie with a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. FIFTEEN PERCENT. Sure, the majority of it is a stinkfest, but there is not a day that goes by without at least one line from this movie being directly relevant to my own life. (From a scene where a reluctant Phil goes to a book launch for his British writer-nemesis.) Nemesis: so what are you working on these days? I love that character of yours, that… Read more »

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