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This week I am in love with Not Bakula and enjoying the endorphins from discovering something new and amazing. I can’t even bring myself to be snarky about a movie this week; I’m filled with that much love. Today, I am 85% love. (And 15% dorkosity.) So this week in Questionable Taste Theatre, I present SOAPDISH. Soapdish is more or less the soundtrack to my life; not one day goes by wherein I can’t quote this movie. Having a family of performers, way more theatre experience than is healthy, and… Read more »
You would think that Il Fantasma dell’Operawould be the first time in a person’s life when she would have seen a man getting it on with an animal. Well, guess what! Nutshell: An adaptation of Honore Balzac’s short story, Passion in the Desert centers around a French officer who gets separated from his regiment and ends up forming a bond with a female leopard who helps to keep him alive. And, uh…other things. Yeah, those things. I almost can’t believe I saw this years ago, mostly because you’d think… Read more »

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    Pale violet from mussel shells. There is something beautiful about color when you know its origins - it was made in the ocean under the waves.