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I think more than sewing/fashion/design, I love textiles. Saturday I went on the rampage for fabrics for the SalonCon dress, and managed to hit four stores in less than an hour. My routine was always the same: 1. Enter the store, gauge the light. 2. Check swatch. 3. Turn on crazy fabric laser eyes (I know it’s lame, but it’s the only way I have to describe looking at fabric in the back of a pile and knowing it’s the weave and weight you want). The guy at the second… Read more »
So a few days ago, I got a call from a friend. “I’m watching this Christian Bale movie, and it’s…should I hate it? I don’t even know what’s going on…” “That’s Equilibrium,” I said, because let’s face it, few movies are simultaneously so awesome and so craptacular. Nutshell: Turns out, in the future, people are really mean.… Read more »
Acceptable Subtitles: The Dressening My First SalonCon Has Prom Taught Me Nothing? I’m been talked into going to SalonCon. Apparently there’s a dance? And we all know what happens when I know there’s a dance – I decide to make my own dress and embark on an ill-advised misadventure! I snagged this dress at Goodwill: Now I have to alter it. Should I manage it, I’ll provide “After” pictures. If I fail, I’ll be showing up in something entirely different and you’ll never know what horrible things transpired in the… Read more »
We’re headed into Ida’s brain for this week’s recap! “It’s like Die Hard in a building.”… Read more »
I reviewed Copperhead for Fantasy. I think it says something that I had to start it six times before I could finish it. That thing is a drinking game waiting to happen. Whenever a copperhead snake makes a noise like a rattlesnake – drink. Whenever a copperhead snake makes a noise like a mountain lion – dear god, I’m begging you, drink.… Read more »
My taste is weird. We all know this by now. But sometimes my taste is downright invisible. I’ll often see something and think, “That’s crazy!”, and for several years I will mention it to anyone who might possibly have seen it, and dozens of people give me that pitying look that lets me know I’m in a bout of Fassbender Syndrome. I give up asking. I begin to wonder if I made up the entire movie. Without IMDB, I’m pretty sure I’d be a nervous wreck. That’s right: it’s an… Read more »

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    Anousheh Ansari (the first Muslim women to go to space) accepts the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, The Salesman, on behalf of Asghar Farhadi


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