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So, it’s Halloween! I do not really participate in Halloween these days, since I subscribe to the “Go Big or Go Home” philosophy, and I am too lazy to go big, so I end up going home. (‘Big’ in this case meaning ‘actually clever’ or ‘well-made’. Inflatable Sumo-wrestler suits are neither of these things, dude from my office.) However, I had some fun costumes back in the day! I think. I only remember four. Memory like a sieve, me. Enjoy this handy guide! None of these costumes makes any sense.… Read more »
I got the world’s best catalog in the mail today. I will have to scan or photograph the pages in their entirety because one product at a time just won’t cut it. It’s disturbing. It’s upsetting. It is, quite frankly, the best thing that has ever existed. A brief preview image, of a candle set: Yes, that is a candle set. Yes, it is meant to look like the little boy in blue is sticking his head up the chimney. Apparently he has learned nothing from his immolated brother and… Read more »
My review of Repo! The Genetic Opera is live at Fantasy Magazine. I, um, had an opinion. There’s a second page to the article that has video clips, which you should watch if possible. The theatrical trailer, especially, is an editing wonder. I would love to interview the people who put that together, because having seen the movie? They are artists.… Read more »
So, in my weekly scouring of the Costumer’s Guide, I ran across a still from a new movie, The Secret of Moonacre. Now, that’s a lovely dress, so of course I rush to find out what sort of awesome-costume movie this is. This is the first poster I saw:… Read more »
I have a new boyfriend! I skulked around for a month looking at him, trying to cop a feel when I could, judging if I had room in my life. And I added up all the sad minutes I spent alone this week, just waiting, and knew I had to have him. Technology continues to tromp ahead without me, by the way – this little guy has twice the hard drive space and memory of my main computer, which was so top of the line when I bought it that… Read more »
Here’s how tired I am: After I recapped Eleventh Hour, instead of deleting it off my TiVo, I watched some parts of it AGAIN last night. WILLINGLY. AND I WAS AMUSED. It’s a dark time, you guys. But I did catch a Science Alert I forgot the first time around! SCIENCE ALERT: When dogs die, they turn into pinatas. Seriously, that’s the worst dog mockup I have ever seen. When Rufus pulls the fungus off its teeth, the whole dog rattles. I am starting to warm to this show, but… Read more »

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