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NBC is premiering their “New York is a kingdom! Also, have some Bible!” series, Kings, in about two weeks. I lay out the buzz over at It’s based loosely on the Biblical story of the life of King David. I know a little about the life of King David, because I went to Catholic school on Monday nights after my secular school day. I would know more about the life of King David, but I got kicked out of CCD so often that I hardly had time to learn… Read more »
“29 Union Leaders Can’t Be Wrong” is up on Escape Pod! I have to wait until I’m home from work to listen to it, but I’m stoked. Mostly because I look like a badass in the parental warning underneath the intro: “Rated R. Contains adult situations and violence.” That’s right! Adult situations AND violence. (Note: not together. That dog won’t hunt, Monsignor.)… Read more »
Oh, ONTD. 90% of the time you are Jensen Ackles picspams. 10% of the time, you are gold. Scenes from the new sitcom “I Love Rorschach.”… Read more »
So, I’m eligible for the Campbell. I’m in superexcellent company, which Mary Robinette Kowal points out, so I have no expectations. I’m frankly excited just to be eligible. In early 2007, I was working at a job I hated. I hadn’t written anything in two years – the same two years I had been at my job, which didn’t occur to me until later. (I was a genius.) I had one short story to my name; I figured it would never go anywhere, and when a friend made me submit… Read more »
This is the runway version of Marisa Tomei’s dress from the Oscars: And I stared at it for about thirty seconds before I finally figured out what it reminded me of! It reminds me of a very sharp-edged and postmodern take on Mina’s red dinner dress from Dracula, which I saw recently at the Gothic exhibit at FIT. Man, do I love pleats.… Read more »
This show has GOT to be kidding. I recap the episode at as per usual. You will notice that there is yet ANOTHER mother figure. It’s no mystery why they’re there, in general; mother figures have a built-in motivation, so they are a godsend for lazy TV writers since no one questions a mother’s desire to protect her kid. But seriously, the punishing of single mothers and the converse miraculous protection awarded to married mothers is going past self-parody to the point where it’s just insulting. When you know… Read more »

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