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Putting Renaissance Faires the world over to shame, WAG Screen is making a film of “The Lady of Shalott” to celebrate Tennyson’s bicentenary, bringing well-known Pre-Raphaelite paintings to life. They are doing a pretty solid job: Waterhouse: Movie: Click on the links for bigger versions so you can click back and forth and nerd out like I did! These guys are not playing around. It’s so…accurate! *happy sigh* More pictures are available here, courtesy of The Costumer’s Guide.… Read more »
Let’s talk Kings. Last night there was an episode. The real title is lame, so we’ll just call it, “Nobody Actually Likes Ballet,” since it’s true, even if whiny Princess Waspmilla seems freaked out by the idea. The show is getting better…ish, except it still has the magical ability to have 800 things happen and yet nothing moves forward. I really feel like this show is the television equivalent of a those lap-pool spas where you swim in place while the water jets just…push on you. Is it just me?… Read more »
Attention everyone who feels like howling with laughter tonight: I’m just saying. I will probably not be able to resist liveblogging some of this. If so, I’ll slap a cut up here to save people’s eyes. 9:05 Faye Dunaway is in this. She is attempting an accent; I’m guessing Cottonmouthian? (Faye, honey, was rent due? Tell me rent was due.) 9:10 This character’s name is Declan Fitzpatrick. That’s genius. 9:18 It would be awesome if this turned into some kind of J-horror and all the wind-moan sounds were from some… Read more »
Over at, I talk about one of the great movies of our time: Hackers. By all means, head over there to read the column, in which I tried to keep it together. Because below this cut, I just nerd out ridiculously. Hackers: when cargo pants were king. There is no good and bad. There is only fun and boring.… Read more »
Hackers: Back to the Future
Today’s world speeds ahead faster than anyone can keep track. No sooner does Facebook oust MySpace when Twitter swoops in to dethrone them both; paperbacks are threatened by the Kindle, and CD players are obsolete. In this swiftly changing culture, sometimes it’s nice to revisit a simpler era, when camouflage was edgy and passwords were letters—only: the world of 1995’s Hackers. One of the most rewarding guilty pleasure movies of all time, Hackers explores the life of a handful of cooler-than-thou tech savants who find themselves framed for a virus… Read more »
The longer I look at the last grouping, the funnier this gets:… Read more »

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