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Over at, I talk about one of the great movies of our time: Hackers. By all means, head over there to read the column, in which I tried to keep it together. Because below this cut, I just nerd out ridiculously. Hackers: when cargo pants were king. There is no good and bad. There is only fun and boring.… Read more »
Hackers: Back to the Future
Today’s world speeds ahead faster than anyone can keep track. No sooner does Facebook oust MySpace when Twitter swoops in to dethrone them both; paperbacks are threatened by the Kindle, and CD players are obsolete. In this swiftly changing culture, sometimes it’s nice to revisit a simpler era, when camouflage was edgy and passwords were letters—only: the world of 1995’s Hackers. One of the most rewarding guilty pleasure movies of all time, Hackers explores the life of a handful of cooler-than-thou tech savants who find themselves framed for a virus… Read more »

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    JUST ANNOUNCED: Attack on Titan Anthology coming next fall featuring non-Japanese creators for the first time! Check out the impressive list of contributors:

    Tomer and Asaf Hanuka
    Brenden Fletcher
    Cameron Stewart
    Babs Tarr
    Faith Erin Hicks
    Kate Leth
    Jeremy Lambert
    Afua Richardson
    Michael Oeming
    Paolo Rivera
    Gail Simone
    Scott Snyder
    Genevieve Valentine
    Kevin Wada
    Ronald Wimberly

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