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I’m catching up on wordcount at the moment, so I’m not blogging as much as I’d like. When I’ve recovered from WisCon, expect some more of the Catherine Cookson Experience, a pile of Questionable Taste Theatres, and a response to Darin Bradley’s challenge. In the meantime, mad respect to these dancers, who have better spacial memory than I ever will. Even more respect to the dancers of the period, who did this dance in crowded, smoky rooms, basically in the dark (candles never give off more light than absolutely necessary,… Read more »
/Pokemon This year at WisCon I participated on the Netbook Show and Tell panel as the plug-and-play representative. For those who know their programming, it was an informative panel. For those who are a little more, uh, Luddite, it was a hilarious panel; I’m pretty sure that at some point in the melee, someone recalibrated their warp drive for endothermic propulsion. People were very generous about showing off their netbooks and going through the pros and cons. I’ve done a layperson’s roundup over at Hopefully this is just the… Read more »
So, the problem with a character like Sherlock Holmes is that you can, in theory, take any element of him and run with it until you have a two-hour movie. It’s just – it’s a plan. As evidenced above, it’s not a GOOD plan, but it’s a plan. (Related: I didn’t remember that Sherlock Holmes dodged quite so many explosions. Learn something every day!) Also, Rachel McAdams should be famous enough by now to be allowed to wear clothes in the preview, right? It’s not even that I’m a purist… Read more »
I round up those who are still standing and mourn those who have fallen over at Sometimes the decisions that get made in the big offices are truly baffling.… Read more »
I wrote up a short list of speculative movies with a conspiracy edge for Fantasy Magazine. Two things: 1) It is amazing how many ye olde fantasy movies are powered by a single corrupt dude in a position of power. He usually has an army at his command and everything, but still, it’s seriously impressive what a little gumption and a command of the Dark Arts will get you in Fantasyland. I don’t think this is the case with books so much, but most of the fantasies that make it… Read more »
The Catherine Cookson Experience: The Girl
So, after last week’s happy-go-lucky tale of nice girls with the memory capacity of a goldfish, we get into the gritty reality of what life was like for the ladies of the 1850s. (Answer: sucky.) Behold, The Girl! Note: There are Cooksons worse than this, but few Cooksons duller. We will be skipping over large portions of repetitive, depressing malarkey. The point Cookson is trying to make: sucks to be a lady in the 1850s who had to make a good marriage Or Else. Point we take away from it:… Read more »

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