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So, in A Night at the Movies, I mentioned Pathfinder as an appalling example of racism in cinema. I promised to write it up more fully. And I meant to, I really did! But the problem with this movie is that writing about it doesn’t do it justice. It’s one thing to write, “The Native American characters are useless.” But it really doesn’t capture the true flavor of a director who said, “You know who needed saving by a white guy? Those Native Americans who let themselves get killed because… Read more »
Doomed Summer Pilots: Defying Gravity
I came up with so many possible subheads for this review. “Defying Gravity Falls Flat.” “Defying Gravity: Snark Matter.” “Defying Blah-vity.” None of these made it (lucky you), but if you’re looking for the tone of the review–well, this is going to be it. “Defying Gravity,” ABC’s new summer drama, takes soap opera into space with all the fervor of a network that didn’t realize it was going where many have gone before. (Fun fact for the casual TV-watcher: the mission of every starship ever televised was 20% exploring space,… Read more »

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    Catwoman: The Closet, Part 1 - Eiko

    Eiko is new, and a bit harder to give context to; she’s a major character in this arc and a main attraction in the Catwoman Annual in December, but for now you’ve only seen her once. However, when we were going through the design process, it was remarkable how lived-in she felt. This is Garry’s first sketch for her, and I absolutely loved her – thoughtful but observant, determined but a little unhappy. She’s grown up in the world Selina’s still trying to feel comfortable in, and we wanted her clothes to reflect that unconscious ease, as well as the fact that Eiko’s not nearly as invested in the power games of it all. She’s still young, and her involvement in the business is still basically messenger work whenever Dad demands.

    Since she doesn’t need to impress, we put her in clothes that have a slightly funkier edge. She wears a lot more skirts than Selina; we wanted the idea of drape, of careless casual layers and the occasional structured piece that only looks good if you’re young, thin, and rich as hell. (You might notice the dress she wears when Selina first meets her is not on this board. It’s actually something of an anomaly to the rest of her wardrobe; it was a way to communicate a message to Selina in a way nothing else quite could. A dress of casual ease, a tattoo left undone, and the self-assurance to display it to a stranger as a warning.)

    There are definitely some overlapping points in their wardrobes; they’re both trying to exist within a very particular position, and while those positions aren’t the same, sometimes the messages are, whether that means Don’t Look At Me or Don’t Try Me.

    Eiko’s wardrobe became an incredibly important way to establish things about her; over the course of the arc, it will, hopefully, establish even more as she and Selina either negotiate around one another or end up enemies.


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