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So today at I brought up some of the casting rumors that are flying, as next summer’s blockbusters get ready to start filming. Of all these looming bad decisions, and there are plenty, the two most confusing are the casting of Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie. (…in anything, ever.) The one I enjoy the most is Frieda Pinto’s casting in a movie that is NOTHING LIKE CLASH OF THE TITANS, OKAY, SO JUST STOP ASKING: Story follows a young warrior Theseus who leads his men into battle with the… Read more »
They’re accepting your application, mostly because the estimated life span for a sidekick in a fantasy movie is about 65 minutes, unless you crack wise, in which case you might outlive your boss, which is nice for you, but looks pretty bad on a resume once you have more than one. You let one hero die, it’s an accident. More than that and you start to look like you lack some skills. At Fantasy Magazine this week, I take on the career cases of Ten Sidekicks Who Could Do Better.… Read more »
So, last night was the Ice Dancing Free Dance, which sounds a little but like everyone let go of earthly cares and blissfully flew over the ice for four minutes. I am joking. This was a seriously earthly care. Backstage couples were clearly straining to hear that someone screwed up. (To be fair, this was a possibility. The ice dancing finals last time looked like last week’s men’s finals; skaters kept hitting vegetable oil and going down.) Luckily, no contenders fell, so there wasn’t that horrible, unmistakable sound of 10,000… Read more »
This entry will be all over the place, just because my writing brain is otherwise engaged, and also I’m waiting on DVDs. We’ll get to this in a moment. Apparently, this year I’m watching the Olympics? I will alert the me from two weeks ago who had to be told they are on NBC. As usual, I gravitate to the most costume-heavy and subjectively-judged events, to make myself the most unhappy. Why can’t I just like speed skating like a normal person? (Answer: they have sharp blades and go really… Read more »
At today, I talk about Warner Brothers Studios and their decision to attack the Twilight demographic with a Red Riding Hood adaptation. In theory, this is a good idea. Fairy-tale retellings are enjoying a renaissance, and there’s never been so much money to be made from wolf-riddled stories of sexual awakening. In practice, however, it’s written by the guy who wrote Orphan. (We’re doomed.) Check out the article for more movie-nerd thoughts on what this movie is up against!… Read more »
Red Riding Hood Retelling is Go: What Big Teeth You Have!
Little Red Riding Hood, the original story about a girl and a wolf meeting cute, is getting a new, romantic retelling from Warner Brothers. If you think that this is not an attempt to use its metaphorical teeth to take a bite-related pun out of Twilight’s success, then you have never seen a movie before. Naturally, anything as phenomenally popular as Twilight is going to spawn a subgenre; since Twilight can basically print its own money by now, there’s no point in straying too far from the proven concept. Warner… Read more »

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