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(You know, out of context, that title sounds like something Gilgamesh would say, and not a way to instantly get me to quote that film in its entirety.) A week ago, I passed a little hobby shop that had Galaxy Quest miniatures in the window. I did a double-take, walked back, pressed my face to the grate until my face looked like a waffle iron, and generally pined for them. It took me a week to get back there at a time when they were actually open. But I did,… Read more »
[This is the second of three movie reviews that were won in the auction, which assists fans of color who want to attend SFF conventions, principally WisCon.] So, the first movie I was given for this auction was The Vampire Effect, which was horrible in sort of a whimsical, amusing way. (Plus, we learned an important lesson about the importance of banana extract in the vampire canon, so you can’t say the movie isn’t handy.) The second movie, I had every reason to expect from LJ comments on the auction,… Read more »
Generally, my movie-watching habits throughout life have been about 70% things I want to see, 30% things I saw under some social obligation. This has no bearing on their quality (obviously – I mean, look at me); it’s just a baseline measurement. And weirdly, it doesn’t change much even after I look at when I started to review movies for real. Sure, I would take back the two hours of my life I spent watching Repo Men (and Legion), but in most movies there is a nice moment, or a… Read more »
"Riverworld" is All Wet
Monday night, SyFy premiered Riverworld, a four-hour miniseries based on the series of novels by Philip José Farmer. The novels chronicled the adventures of those resurrected after death, living on a cultivated river-planet overseen by extraterrestrial powers. SyFy is notorious for hilariously abysmal weekly movies. Their miniseries have fared a little better from additional time and care–not that this tempers the glee with which they can throw a decent cast into a cauldron of plot soup for four hours. (Lookin’ at you, Tin Man, and Alice, and Children of Dune,… Read more »
So, as promised, I reviewed Riverworld for It was…plentiful? I don’t even know what to say about it. They somehow managed to undercut most of their good points by accident (though every once in a while my jaw would hit the floor when something egregious stereotyped through the frame). They did try very hard with the casting, which is generally passable and occasionally enjoyable. Sam Clemens and Allegra the courtesan did very well for themselves, and of course, Peter Wingfield never met an outdoor set he couldn’t halfheartedly stage-fight… Read more »
I went home last weekend to visit the family, and as usual, I tried to clean up a little of the driftwood of my young life that remains in the house, so that eventually it will stop looking like a teenager with no social skills lives in their house. (Now she lives in New York, where no one even notices social skills because they’re too busy avoiding being hit by cars. Upgrade!) There are some really telling things in that house, some of which indicate I had taste (a silk… Read more »

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