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This is what happens when you hit your biannual Bollywood kick right before you get on a plane: this song, in a loop on your head, for two hours. Here’s the thing: it’s a really upbeat, catchy song, performed by Madhuri Dixit (who, for my money, is one of the best in Bollywood). If you do not read the lyrics, it sounds like the best time ever. But if you read the lyrics, it is the happiest song about questionable-consent field-going EVER. This alternate translation is even less encouraging of… Read more »
Obligatory: I will be at WisCon as of tomorrow! I will see what looks like 65% of you there. Also obligatory: I will be part of the Lightspeed Launch Event! Lightspeed Magazine Launch Event, Saturday, 10pm, Conference Room 2 Join us to celebrate the launch of Lightspeed Magazine (, a new online science fiction magazine published by Prime Books (publisher of Fantasy Magazine). Lightspeed editors John Joseph Adams and Andrea Kail, along with publisher Sean Wallace, will be on hand to discuss this exciting new venture, and will present readings… Read more »
The Catherine Cookson Experience: "The Rag Nymph"
Wow, that was kind of a long hiatus! (I made the last one in 1996, it looks like.) I know this has become something of a habit, like that time I tried to make a picspam of my French vacation and only got two-thirds of the way through, so if you are a literalist it looks like I never actually came home but am instead blogging from an attic somewhere overlooking the amusement park in Rouen. (Note to that person: well-spotted, mon frère!) But I have my act together now,… Read more »
This week at Fantasy Magazine, the fight-fest continues with Fantasy’s Top Ten Fight Scenes: The Battles. This one was rougher than I had expected, largely because I wanted to get a range of battle scenes, and it’s much easier to find a range of movies in which two characters duke it out than it is to find a range of movies where a group of people ends up having a violent engineering dispute with another group of people, and because a lot of scenes that seem like battles on the… Read more »
Last week I stumbled on what is possibly the best historical doc ever on the Discovery Channel: Cleopatra, Portrait of a Killer. (To be pronounced “KILLAH!” with Gloria Swanson eyes.) On the right, Arsinoe. On the left, a KILLAH. Their premise is that Cleopatra, because she hinted around at various Romans until her brother/husband and her half-sister got bumped off and left her sitting pretty on the throne, is a stone-cold killer. Also they have an extra five minutes to fill, so we’re going to reconstruct some bones we found… Read more »
This weekend was the Steampunk World’s Fair, where I read for the first time from my upcoming novel (exciting), saw a lot of great costumes (very exciting!), and had the usual problems with some elements of the subculture (Me? Have problems with something? Surely not!). Overall, though, it was great, and I’m still beyond thrilled to have been invited. There were some wonderful costumes, both subtle and flamboyant. There was also a baby with a mustache glued to its face; every time I saw it, it was wearing exactly the… Read more »

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