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Eclipse: The Decline and Fall of the Twilight Empire
Last night was the release of Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight franchise. Theaters were packed; Team Edward/Jacob loyalties ran high; anticipatory squeals filled the air. The movie that unfolded wasn’t worth any of it. This has gone beyond cinematic “worth” in the context of inscrutable teen tastes, or a shift in the zeitgeist, or any of the other trends that set their intended audience alight while mystifying everyone outside their demographic. This is about a two-hour movie that has to pull its bookend voiceover into the film to… Read more »
And the Eclipse postmortem begins! First up: Ten Things You Should Know About Eclipse, at Fantasy Magazine. This information might just save your life. (Or, two hours. Whichever.) 4. Howard Shore did the music. You’ll know because whenever Bella and Edward make out, it sounds like every pervert in the Shire is creeping up on them. His hand looks like a questing, half-hidden octopus, doesn’t it? (Go ahead, unsee it. I dare you.) I have an article forthcoming at about the franchise in general and the trend in cinematic… Read more »
Writing news! My story “Take Four” is in issue 9 of Kaleidotrope, alongside awesome people like Jason Heller and Rachel Swirsky. You can check out the full TOC and purchase info here. Quick excerpt: Marissa’s walkie-talkie hissed to life. “They know the gate’s sealed. Watch for them.” The city was more than two miles across, but mobs always moved faster than you thought they would, and Greg barely had time to order the second-unit to film the rising dust before the townspeople burst out of the main square in the… Read more »
Last night, while reviewing what I’ve been working on in handy graphic form (which I will be doing again, because it’s fun and prevents me from actually working), Inception was the last square. Up at today, I talk about what we know about Inception, and what Inception means. Hint: it means that smart sci-fi movies are thin on the ground these days, and a movie pitched as cerebral sci-fi is an event in and of itself. (Seriously, the only thing emphasized in the trailer is dreams/ideas/the mind, and also… Read more »
Inception: Sci-Fi’s Last, Best Box-Office Hope?
This week, Christopher Nolan and company released 14 new stills from his sci-fi thriller Inception. These photos might require a spoiler warning, but honestly, it’s not as if we’d know. Nolan has been tight-lipped about the project from the beginning. For months after its announcement, he would say only it was set “within the architecture of the mind.” Early promotional material was equally vague. More recently, a set of character posters have given us a lineup straight out of a film-noir caper (with titles like Point Man, Shade, Forger, and… Read more »
Please note, I apparently don’t have time to write about anything in depth, but plenty of time to make graphics about what I’m doing. Mmm, logic! 1. Reference image for a story I’m working on; originally was used for a story I just finished, but this image had another purpose. (It’s a worker.) 2. If I am not writing a story about someone in a coat of some kind, then I am writing a story about a post-human singularity…in which robots wear coats. 3. This looks like a still from… Read more »

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