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This weekend, I saw Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. It was exactly as good as people have said, which means it was a complete wreck. The saddest thing is, even if you get over the whitewashed casting, and the nonsense plot, and the laborious action scenes (save the first big one during the city raid, which was genuinely exciting), there’s still nothing there. It’s all so calculated and flat and recycled. The other saddest thing is watching this cast try to sell what they had to know was… Read more »
Prince of Persia: The Blands of Time
The line between action movies and video games is getting thinner. In theory, this isn’t a bad thing; games have increasingly rich world-building and character development, and action movies are combining choreography and CGI to compete with the physically-impossible feats of their avatar muses. In reality, when a game is made into a movie, it generally falls into the trap of attempting to recreate game play instead of bringing the world and the characters to life in a compelling or coherent narrative. It’s easy to say that this issue is… Read more »

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    Maurice Loewy & Pierre Henri Puiseux

    Photographie Lunaire:

    Petavius - Langrenus - Mer Des Crises, 1897

    Delambre - Manilius - Bessel, 1894

    Lalande - Copernic - Kepler, 1896

    Pitantus - Gassendi - Reinhold, 1896

    Lalande - Copernic - Kepler, 1896

    Clavius-Tycho-Stoefler, 1894

    Posidonius - Aristote - Pole Nord, 1901

    Tycho - Crevasse D’Hesiode - Mur Droit, 1895

    Heliogravures via i Photo Central


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