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And I thought the first episode was amazing! I’m not saying it got cheesier. I’m just saying that if I ran a drive-in movie, this would be the summer special. These men are just confused that they are one of the few promo stills available and 80% of them haven’t even appeared in the miniseries yet. Mostly because this miniseries is a battlefield they aren’t on. You know who’s on that battlefield? The people under this cut. Five Things About Episode 2 of Pillars of the Earth 1. I have… Read more »
And she…knows how to use ‘em? That doesn’t even make sense. This header is falling apart! So, the Pillars of the Earth recap is coming, I swear. (Maybe tomorrow, just in time to make you not want to watch it on Starz, since no one actually has Starz! And also because it’s pretty terrible, and apparently no one but me likes watching awful things for comedy value. This is a mistake, which you’ll see when I talk about Sarah Parish sexing up her onscreen son. Oh, it happens.) In the… Read more »
So, I’ll be doing the episodes of The Pillars of the Earth one at a time, since it’s all my ancient laptop can handle before Netflix crashes my computer for the night. The good news is, this kind of comedy gold is worth every frustrating moment. I’m going to hit five things in every episode worth watching it for. I’m not going to slap it behind a spoiler cut, I guess, since the book’s been out for twenty years. (Also, this is so unrelated to the book that it wouldn’t… Read more »
The Pillars of the Earth premiered on Friday! It’s based on the Ken Follett bestseller, which means that, as with any Ken Follett book, there will be a lot of research into the topic, many people will die in gruesome ways, and women will do ridiculous things at all times for no reason. Still, that book was my jam when I was 11, so I thought I might as well check it out, since it’s got every ham actor who ever hammed. It’s an Ultimate Ham-off! After seeing the first… Read more »
Or, if you’re me, any day! Up at Fantasy Magazine this week, I posted Ten Cheesetastic Fantasy Flicks for Summer. For once, there’s no competition for which one is best, because they’re all the best! Except maybe Xanadu is the best. (Look at those hostage eyes. Yipes.) The thing is, some of the movies on that list are cheesy but legitimately good. The Mummy, for example, is pretty unapologetic summer-blockbuster pulp, but I’ve seen it quite a few times and it always holds up, because Pulpy and Bad are not… Read more »
It’s not just a sub-par Moby lyric, IT’S ACTUALLY TRUE. (That is an actual thought I had at Launchpad, while we were learning about the most common substances in the universe. It’s easy to dismiss Moby for everything after Play – not only easy, but probably a good idea – but the dude got some factual information about science at some point, that much is clear.) Meanwhile, the Hubble, which is determined to show us how much we’ll regret letting it just fall apart in space, is taking pretty pictures… Read more »

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