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The website for The Living Dead 2 is live! There are a ton of goodies on the site, including early reviews and a series of author interviews. I have a story in this one, and it’s one of eight stories available on the site as a preview. “And the Next, and the Next” takes place on Coney Island, home of the Warriors and the Wonder Wheel, and a place about which it’s almost impossible not to have feelings of some kind. (Unless you’re a zombie, I guess – and even… Read more »
This is not actually about the mechanics of elevators; I have no idea how elevators work-work. However, I feel like some people might need a primer on how elevators Work – taking the invisible, unspoken social contract of personal space and making some cartoons out of it because people in elevators are starting to really confuse me. So, here’s an elevator with one person in it. We’ll call this person Bill. Having an elevator to yourself is a dream come true! Spread your arms wide, twirl, relish your tiny, ascending… Read more »
More fun writing news today: “Bespoke” is up at Podcastle! I haven’t listened yet (*shakes fist at office computer’s lack of speakers*), but I’m excited! Give it a listen, if you’re so inclined.… Read more »
I found out this morning that my story “Light on the Water” has been nominated for A World Fantasy Award, alongside some seriously amazing work. I am still reeling a little, but I gotta say, news like this has a way of making one’s morning.… Read more »
Miss Universe 2010
Last year I covered Miss Universe’s National Costume Contest. I didn’t realize when this year’s was, but it was pointed out that pictures were out and I had better get started. I’m not sure who the actual winner of this event is (I think that doesn’t happen until Monday?). Since I have a different criteria than the judges of the pageant – they enjoy “bras that look like eyeballs” and I enjoy “Icelandic schoolmarm” – I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about picking a winner of my own. I… Read more »
I have a Tumblr. It’s mostly useful for an aggregated feed of handy screencaps of shows I don’t even watch, just so I don’t fall behind in knowing what’s going on with all the shows I don’t watch. (This is my life. I have no explanations.) However, sometimes you get an image that is so awesome you don’t even know what to do except blog it on Tumblr, and then immediately blog it on LJ. (Click through for hi-res and source.) This image brings joy to my heart, forever. (And… Read more »

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