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As the nights get longer and Halloween closes in, it’s horror-movie season. There’s danger on every cable channel, but I can think of no braver pioneer than to take with me into the dark forests of Hammerville. Pictured: Peter Cushing, realizing just how much Technicolor everyone was talking about. Up today at Fantasy, you can see the fruits of our labor with The Top Ten Hammer Films to Horrify You This Halloween. It was rough going, but we’ve narrowed it down to ten of the best, worst, and most hilarious… Read more »
This could apply to any of these three things. (Sometimes I’m organized!…this is not one of those times.) 1. I had a blast this weekend at Capclave and the Steampunk Indie Market! There were definitely a few moments of scramble, especially as regards the travel logistics of being in two states in 24 hours (I am still not sure why, no matter what city you are in, Amtrak boarding descends into the race from Ben-Hur), but it was totally worth it to be at both events. Thanks to everyone who… Read more »
Don’t worry, the movie is not actually a musical, this blog post just turned into a production. Okay, so, this journal is not old enough to have caught my Lord of the Rings nerdness when it was happening during the release of the trilogy. (Regular readers might remember me mentioning the times I took my mom with me to stand in the freezing-ass cold for every single midnight show, which shows both that I am a straight-up LOTR nerd, and that I have no respect for my mom’s time.) Of… Read more »
I’ve already written up Jodhaa Akbar and Dhoom 2, movies of wildly varying quality, but both starring one of Bollywood’s power couples, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan. (I am still not sold on their acting, but since I keep watching their movies, they clearly have whatever star quality is necessary to make people like me keep watching their movies, so the last laugh goes to them!) They’ve teamed up again for Guzaarish. I don’t know much about the movie as yet; it’s a drama about a paralyzed magician who’s in… Read more »
…then I look at my iTunes library and say, “…are you kidding me with this?” The weekend before last, I went to see The Two Towers in concert. It was much like last year seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, except this time my seat was in an area of Radio City where the orchestra/chorus was actually in balance with the film, which helps a LOT with the applause-to-annoyance ratio. (There were still people who clapped for nice moments in the movie halfway through someone’s fancy instrumental solo, but I… Read more »
The fall convention season is upon us, and my first novel, the post-apocalyptic-steampunk-circus Mechanique, comes out next year. Those two things combined mean that I’ll be giving some readings from Mechanique in the next few months, and you should totally come and hear them! So, in order to keep things moderately organized (and to give me an opportunity to use this totally bitchin’ graphic*), I present: THE CIRCUS TRESAULTI READING TOUR (For certain values of “tour”. Also, of “circus.” The “reading” part is pretty solid, though.) OCTOBER Saturday, October 23:… Read more »

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