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I have a lot of movies to write about this week; most of them are bad, and then there’s one that surprised me – mostly with nudity, but also with not being terrible! (I am not a fan of surprise nudity, but I am always up for something being less terrible than feared.) But for now, a writing update: 1. In a hilariously busy month for audio fiction, my SF story “Advection,”, published last year in Clarkesworld, is now a podcast at Escape Pod! (Unrelated, but sort of related: I… Read more »
We Need to Talk: Catwoman.
Or, How Catwoman Ruins Lives (well, mine). As we lead in to Thanksgiving, I can think of nothing I am more thankful for this week than having seen Catwoman twice. (This could not be less true.) I hasten to add that both times were by chance, for free, but I still feel as though I have to talk about it, because YIKES. No matter how bad you think Catwoman is, you probably have not seen it. “Man, that movie looks really awful,” you probably said when you saw the trailer.… Read more »
1. I have another story podcast this month! “Bread and Circuses,” a Tresaultiverse short story that appeared a few weeks back in this month’s issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, is now available in downloadable audio form! (As opposed to “embedded-MIDI form,” which is nobody’s friend. Unless you like MIDIs, in which case, go to town! With headphones on. Think of your neighbors.) 2. My story “Is This Your Day to Join the Revolution?”, originally published at Futurismic, will appear in John Joseph Adams’s new anthology Brave New Worlds, alongside some… Read more »
Last weekend, the amazing Ellen agreed to take some author photos of me! …In front of THE BEST MURAL OF ALL TIME. Basically, this is a mural of awesome people who have been drinking gin (steadily) since 1895, AND LOVING IT. And I love them for it. (Except that jerk in the white breeches trying to hand an enormous flower to the gin bottle; for whatever reason I really hate him. I found this out only after I was looking at proofs, though, or I would have stood right in… Read more »
All right; the trailer for Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood is out, and we need to talk. (If you were extremely concerned about being spoiled for a Red Riding Hood retelling by a trailer full of people staring at each other as indie rock plays frantically in the background, consider this your spoiler alert.) Here is a thing about movie trailers: I love them. They are an art form unto themselves and are one of the best things to come out of movie culture. Their evolution is fascinating, their construction… Read more »
Earlier this week, my Clarkesworld story “Seeing” was turned into a podcast, thanks to Kate Baker and what I can only assume are a hardworking cadre of slightly grumpy talking animals – I’m guessing badgers, but would accept chipmunks – who wear rumpled newsroom suits and bustle a lot. (I mean, think about it, and then try to tell me there’s an explanation that makes more sense than that. Ever. About anything. You won’t find one.) Kate is always awesome, so I knew as soon as I saw her name… Read more »

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