The traditional Yuletide jellyfish wishes you a happy holiday season!

(It would work, right? It stings naughty boys and girl and sneaks up through the shower drain to deliver presents?)

I’m actually having a very nontraditional Christmas with my family, which I hope to write up in more detail when I have a minute to spare, but whatever time isn’t taken up with family and book edits is taken up with things like playing tennis (I didn’t kill anyone!), so it’s clearly the sort of strangeness in which one must immerse onself, and then write blog posts about it only after the fact.

(There are stars where I am! I am going stargazing tonight; the sandhill cranes will just have to deal with me. They are not the only members of the animal kingdom willing to flap around and run awkwardly for a chance at personal space!)

I hope all of you are enjoying the day in whatever form makes you happiest! (Hopefully one of those forms is cookie form, because man, cookies are awesome.)