I thought about doing a year-in-review post earlier this week, but in order to keep lists of my own stuff to a minimum, I wanted to save it for the awards-season post instead. And lo, Hugo and Nebula voting are happening, and lo, here is my list!

I had several stories come out in 2010, most of which are available online. (Handy!) In alphabetical order:

“And She Shall Be Crowned According to Her Station,” (Strange Horizons), about roaches, and roaches, and roaches.

“And the Next, and the Next” (The Living Dead 2), about a zombie-riddled Coney Island, and you all out of options.

“Bread and Circuses,” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies), a story set in the world of the Circus Tresaulti, a story of various hazards of the trade.

– “The Dire Wolf,” (Running with the Pack), about the past creeping up on you, from three years ago and three thousand.

“Seeing” (Clarkesworld), about astronomy and game-time decisions. (My sister will be very proud of me for using a sports metaphor!)

“So Deep that the Bottom Could Not Be Seen” (Way of the Wizard), about wizard political summits being just as rigged as every other political summit, until the right magic comes along.

– “Take Four,” (Kaleidotrope), about getting the details just right before you blow up a city and film it.

“Wondrous Days,” (Apex), about the end of the world.

“The Zeppelin Conductors’ Society Annual Gentlemen’s Ball” (Lightspeed), about the aforementioned gentlemen and their life in the wide-open skies.

If there’s something else of mine that you remember and are looking for – firstly, thank you! That’s very kind. Secondly, my full bibliography is available here; if you’re a voter and you would like a .PDF of any of the works not available online, just email me.

(Edited to include all stories published this year, because if you’re going to make a list, make a whole list, you know?)