This weekend, acclaimed director Zack Snyder (Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole) will be releasing his latest film, Sucker Punch.

While plot details are purposely being kept under wraps, we know it’s about a quintet of institutionalized young women in the 1950s who turn to an imaginary land in order to empower themselves to escape. Also, dragons and mech and explosions and shit.

But this is more than just your usual thriller. In an action-movie landscape usually bereft of strong, intelligent heroines, Zack Snyder has introduced FIVE women, each more complicated than the last, and none of them afraid of mech or dragons or frostbite or anything, because it’s only in your own imagination that you’re truly free to wear your cheesecakiest outfits and conquer double standards and whatever else ladies are concerned about.

Under the cut, please find a very serious photo essay about the myriad feminist facets of this new masterpiece from director Zack Snyder, his cowriter Steve Shibuya, production designer Rick Carter, and costume designer Michael Wilkinson.

Rebuttal Essay: The Men of Sucker Punch

FEMINISM. You’re welcome, ladies.