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So, next week marks the release of Geek Wisdom, a snazzy little hardcover of geeky pop-culture quotes and the deeply philosophical life-changing wisdom behind them. As things turn out, I was deemed nerdy enough to be one of the contributors! (Everyone put away your Vox Communicators and try to contain your surprise.) And I’m in excellent company, alongside N.K. Jemisin, Eric San Juan, and Zaki Hasan, under the guidance of Red Leader Stephen Segal. It was a wonderful process, especially since everyone got to bring a lot of their own… Read more »
When news of the warring Snow Whites came out, I had mixed feelings. One of those feelings, as always when I hear about dark fairy-tale remakes, is regret that Snow White: A Tale of Terror (how have I not reviewed this yet?) was the right movie at the wrong time, and now it stars people from ’90s TV, which is awkward, casting-wise, and Sigourney Weaver was awesome, but I know “Sigourney Weaver was awesome in this movie that also has Monica Keena and Gil Bellows in it” is not a… Read more »
In the growing Avengers franchise, Captain America is arguably the hardest sell.* Fundamentally a product of his era no matter what the comics do to modernize him, Army man Steve Rogers is always one misstep away from turning into a walking USA-propaganda poster. Any movie dealing with him had its work cut out for it to not only make him a compelling character — a straight-up hero in an era of antiheroes — but to ground him in both his own era and the modern day. (Also, his own era… Read more »
So, this summer, Subterranean’s summer issue was all-YA, edited by the inimitable (or, according to spellcheck, indomitable) Gwenda Bond. She assembled an amazing TOC, and I was lucky enough to have a story included! The issue closes today with my story, “Demons, Your Body, and You,” which…is what it’s about! Ms. Parker began our first Health Studies class with a speech about abstinence. She started reading from a binder labeled YOUR BODY AND YOU, but after a little while she got carried away and went off-book, looking very seriously at… Read more »
This weekend, we reach the end of Harry Potter (for this month). Now, let’s talk about how the last car of this train rolled into the station, shall we? More vague spoilers than you can possibly imagine…… Read more »
Three things make a post! 1. Alex Bledsoe was kind enough to ask me a few questions about Mechanique over at his blog, …from down in Lucky Town. I geek out around the point where he asks about the cover and interior art, both by the awesome Kiri Moth, and call out this piece of Elena as a particular favorite, because how could it not be? Check out the full interview for more of me nerding out. 2. And oh man, speaking of nerding out, I’m the guest at this… Read more »

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