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I am a total nerd for music. I am a particular fan of movie scores (and sometimes their associated soundtracks, which is fun until you’re cleaning out your parents’ attic years later and realize how many questionable movie soundtracks you picked up when you were in high school, but that’s another entry). They make up the vast majority of my writing music, and even the artists I like who aren’t score composers tend to end up on movie soundtracks anyway, which is a handy overlap of tastes, even when the… Read more »
This week at Strange Horizons, I have a new Intertitles! “Adaptation (and Other Conversations)” nerds out about movie adaptations that are in dialogue with their source material; for this article, I singled out The French Lieutenant’s Woman, and that Mansfield Park that everybody hates. The French Lieutenant’s Woman is a really smart, interesting film on several levels, even down to the tack it takes with its heroine Sarah (who in the novel is meant to be so enigmatic we never know if she’s passionate or just scheming), showing her as… Read more »
I have an article in the newest issue of Fantasy! Thanks to a tireless awareness campaign on behalf of folklorists everywhere, the dangers of your standard wishes are well-known these days. In the wrong hands, we all know, a wish can go terribly wrong. Now, fictional characters are less likely than ever to lose their temper with talking animals, or accept the gift of a disembodied monkey paw preloaded with three freebies. Then again, even if the wishes go right, things can get pretty odd. “The Weirdest Fairy-Tale Wishes Ever… Read more »
In a world (which I hope you read in Trailer Voice as, IN A WORLD…) where so many things about movies disappoint, mystify, or betray us, it’s sort of delightful to see something movie-related do exactly what it’s supposed to do. For instance, yesterday, Hammer released its trailer for The Woman in Black. (Spoiler: It’s probably nighttime.) In its two-decade-plus history, Hammer put out several amazing movies, for several different values of “amazing.” I actually think that to audiences overstuffed with gory torture porn, the return of Hammer “Mostly it’s… Read more »
When it rains, it pours! I have a second short story out this month. “The Nearest Thing” is an A.I./corporate shenanigans story, with some characters I can definitely see myself revisiting someday, and a corporation I hope I never visit (but, like many writers with day jobs, probably already have).… Read more »
It’s really handy that things tend to go up early in the week, when my body is still hung over from a weekend of binging on writing and movies. (As usual, I regret nothing, except that I watch movies all weekend and then somehow can’t bring myself to blog them the next day, though to be fair, I was watching “The Avengers” with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, again, and that tends to take the wind out of one’s sails about blogging or anything else because the secondhand embarrassment is… Read more »

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