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So, I will be at World Fantasy this weekend! Literally; I will be at the con for the latter half of Saturday, and Sunday. (I’m sad to have such limited time at the con. The bright side is that by the time I get jet lag I’ll already be on a plane back. Wonky circadian rhythm, don’t fail me now!) I’m playing things fast and loose for the most part, but I also have two slightly-more-formal calendar items for those who enjoy both scheduling and things being read out loud.… Read more »
For this month’s Intertitles, I caved in to a long-standing wish to talk about a film that is the cinema equivalent of having your heart pecked out by the world’s most beautiful birds, The Fall. It has some truly spectacular acting, even more amazing design and cinematography, and some problematic moments that I am never sure what the hell to do about, but one of The Fall’s most interesting facets for me has always been its unforgiving take on the power of story – especially the limits of story. “There’s… Read more »
(Actual promo photo. Take heed.) As a fan of fairy tales, and someone who is more than willing to watch Robert Carlyle masticate some scenery one night a week, I went into Once Upon a Time thinking it might be able to overcome its two leads (the sometimes-interesting Gennifer Goodwin and the always-mediocre Jennifer Morrison) and present enough worldbuilding to keep me interested. It was not a particularly uphill battle, until the show actually started. What the show says it’s about: fairy tales, and families, and an epic mystery between… Read more »
The Three Musketeers
A camp movie walks a thin line. If you’re going to go for camp deliberately, you have to make sure of a lot of things. For instance, every actor in your film has to have gotten the same memo. Your script has to make sure to avoid sudden pockets of maudlin sentimentality, while still having enough serious lines for your actors to over-deliver. You have to have enough going on that there’s always something in the frame to enjoy. You have to be able to manufacture the sense that it’s… Read more »
Because sometimes amazing things happen, put up the first five minutes of The Three Musketeers. (Thanks to eagle-eyed cleolinda, who discovers all things.) I’m calling it now: Comedy of the year. It and Jonah Hex will have to duke it out for best of the decade. This is one of those bad movies that delights in its awfulness; the sort of movie where Matthew Macfayden got to fill out a little bubble-sheet. Check Which Things You Wish Written in to Your Character: – Rising slowly from water in a… Read more »
A quick nonfiction update, featuring a series of bad ideas! First, The Downsides of Dating a God is up at Fantasy! Despite the supernatural nature of the deistic pantheon (and their intramural dating scene), there’s a remarkable amount of god/human canoodling in the mythological tradition. Dating a deity has a certain ineffable appeal–the carefree demeanor, the kinky shapeshifting, the supernatural transportation options, the lure of immortality. However, it’s also one of the most dangerous extracurricular activities in which any legend-dwelling young person can engage, mythologically speaking. Things to consider include… Read more »

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