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The Catherine Cookson Experience: "The Fifteen Streets"
Welcome to another edition of the infrequent and grainy Catherine Cookson Experience, in which I try to explain why, in the mid-1990s, the BBC lost its marbles and decided to film as many of these low-budget potboilers as they possibly could before some enormous sky-clock ran out (which is as good an explanation as any for why these happened). Because there is a thin line between hilariously terrible and normal-terrible, many of these Cooksons are not as fun as others. There are those whose cheese is appealing (The Rag Nymph),… Read more »
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I have a lot to be thankful for, not least for all the amazing people I’ve met via the magic of the internet. I’m taking a break from stuffing my face to report that, in a move I can only assume is a Thanksgiving present made exclusively for me, the BBC has announced the full cast lineup for its four-movie Shakespeare cycle airing next year, encompassing Richard II, Henry IV (Parts I and II) and Henry V. I had known about some of the… Read more »
What I did this weekend: I saw Breaking Dawn, Part 1. It was, in its own way, a fascinating example of a film that has all the content of a horror movie and none of the context. Also in its own way, it was stupid and cringey, and when Jacob looks into the eyes of a newborn and falls in love with the hottie she’ll become if he can just babysit her for the next 18 years, you honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (I laughed. Then I… Read more »
SPOILERS BELOW, for anyone who has been in a pop-culture hamster ball and doesn’t know what happens in this train wreck. *** In a telling scene in Breaking Dawn, a skeletal Bella stands in front a mirror, running her hands over the bairnsketball that she’s been told is going to rupture her heart before it comes out. Various in-laws argue about what this means for her (spoiler: broken back and shattered ribs, among other things). And Bella cringes beatifically into the mirror, and a plucky folk song plays. This is… Read more »
Man, I am already looking forward to the promo battle between these two, just because. On the heels of the Snow White and the Hunstman trailer comes the trailer for “Mirror Mirror,” from on-notice director Tarsem Singh! The good news is that the costumes look gorgeous, and he’s got a serious handle on that color story. (I could also, potentially, be talked into the Bollywood musical number. We’ll see.) The bad news is that, while I’m glad to see this is a different approach to the tale and employs Singh’s… Read more »
I went into this with a lot of appreciation for Tarsem Singh. I love The Fall, as previously documented, and I appreciate The Cell, and even though I didn’t expect the plot of Immortals to be more than cheeseball hero fare, I thought that he’d put his stamp on it, and there would be stunning imagery and the occasional interesting performance. Instead, it sort of felt like Tarsem Singh baked me a batch of snickerdoodles with thumbtacks inside. Let’s talk about Immortals.… Read more »

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