In between rewatches of Catherine Cookson this weekend, I got some lovely news: RT Book Reviews has put Mechanique on the ballot for Fantasy of the Year!

I’m in excellent company, and am flattered and thrilled by the nomination.


The Catherine Cookson was not as thrilling. I am really trying to wrap this puppy up, but some of these are surprisingly ponderous. Not Dwelling Place bad, because how could you be, but pretty dull in their own special ways, including one I have watched twice where I literally cannot keep track of anything after about the one-hour mark because my eyes just glaze over, so when someone drowns in the river I think it’s the hero’s sister, but also there are like a dozen neighbors? We’ll see. It’s a journey.

(At least the screencaps will be slightly better than the ones from The Dwelling Place, whose screencaps I would redo except it would mean watching it again and some things are just not going to happen.)