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A Year in Review
Well, it has been a YEAR, hasn’t it? (I mean, it has been – 366 days have passed – but you know, thematically.) This year was a very satisfying one for writing. I published several short stories, some of which are particularly close to my heart. Plus, and maybe most exciting in terms of my writing in 2012, I closed the year with the sale of a novel that I truly love – my flapper Twelve Dancing Princesses take, Glad Rags. It was a poignant holiday season, walking past all… Read more »
The holidays happened! I did things! It’s not a long list: I went to Disney World for a day and that was pretty much the only thing, except that time I played tennis and my wrist hurt for five days because I am horrifically bad at tennis. Disney World was the usual combination of overwhelming artifice and overwhelming sincerity about it, which I never quite know how to handle, and since I’m with family members who are both more and less into it than I am, I always end up… Read more »
Glad Rags!
I don’t even know how to start with how excited I am to be announcing this. Let’s cut to the chase. From today’s Publisher’s Lunch: Nebula Award nominee and Crawford Award winner Genevieve Valentine’s GLAD RAGS, a reimagining of the Twelve Dancing Princesses as flappers, set amidst the splendor and beautiful chaos of the roaring twenties in Manhattan, to Atria, in a pre-empt, for publication in 2014. The logline is true; Glad Rags is a mainstream historical about sisters, speakeasies, shenanigans, and shoes. FLAPPERS FOR EVERYBODY. Technically nobody here is… Read more »
Miss Universe 2012
Every year, there are eleventy billion beauty pageants worldwide, all of which are amazing and unsettling in their own special ways. However, for sheer Essence of Pageant, I’m not sure you can beat the National Costume segment of Miss Universe. I’ve enjoyed writing some of these costumes up for the past three years – in fact, I have probably enjoyed seeing them much more than many of these contestants have enjoyed wearing them. And this year was no exception! Aside from the usual cadre of ladies who seem to have… Read more »
Ten Things You Should Know About "The Hobbit"
You guys, Peter Jackson loves Lord of the Rings. He loves the Lord of the Rings SO MUCH. He loves it so much that when it came time to adapt The Hobbit, a hugely different work in scope and tone, he poked and pulled and prodded until it was as Lord of the Ringsy as humanly possible. However, out of the Venn Diagram of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Peter Jackson has made a circle. Did you like things from the Lord of the Rings? You get them… Read more »
Questionable Taste Theatre: The Hobbit
Tonight, I will stand in line for a midnight show of The Hobbit. I can only hope the line I sit in will be as cool as the one for Two Towers, which I remember fondly even though it was outside in twenty-degree weather, because the guys next to us were so cool that we ended up watching Fellowship on their laptop and drinking hot chocolate, and it’s exactly how I like to think of, say, camping; super fun, and only two hours long. Before I do, however, we should… Read more »

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