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Pursuant to a chance meeting at ICFA, and also yesterday’s Hunger Games review, I have a guest post up today at Fantasy Matters! “The Girl on Fire: Costume in The Hunger Games” is technically an examination of costume as transformative and subversive presentation in The Hunger Games, particularly as it pertains to Katniss’s public persona. From the hand-me-down blue dress she wears at the Reaping to the yellow interview dress, everything Katniss dons in the film Matters, but I talk specifically about three of her most pivotal getups. However, if… Read more »
Eight Things You Should Know About "The Hunger Games"
The Hunger Games came out last weekend! Its cultural saturation was so complete that you could hear the crowds lining up for fifty miles in every direction! And yet somehow I never got to see it until last night, when the superfans had all already gone, and all that was left was a crowd of easily-confused people, two frat guys who should probably have just cut their losses and left, and at least one racist! (We’ll get there.) (Note: I read the book in advance of seeing the film, which… Read more »
(Yikes!) Late last night, I landed in NYC after five days in two states at two cons. It was a great time! Except for the aftereffects of travel, which means my body has lost its sense of time. (It now assumes that if I’m sitting down, I’m on a red-eye flight and should be sleeping. Today’s commute was awkward.) ICFA was honestly amazing. Talking with old friends and meeting awesome new people, missing all the alligator sightings because I refuse to go outside in Florida sun – what’s not to… Read more »
So, I am having a con-heavy weekend this weekend! Thursday through Saturday I’ll be at ICFA, hiding from the sun in Orlando, Florida! On Friday, I have a reading at 2:45pm. At some point, if all goes well, I’ll be skittering through patches of shade to see the Hunger Games, which I hope to write up before the banquet. (At the banquet, I will be accepting the Crawford and quietly freaking out.) Sunday morning, I’m headed to Denver for AnomalyCon! I land less than an hour before my first panel,… Read more »
I was going to post my con schedule for this weekend today, but if movies are going to keep releasing trailer after trailer trying desperately to one-up the hype of their rival who is probably not even targeting the same audience they are, then the time has come to stop peeking at bus ads through my fingers and actually look at these movies. Let’s do a Trailer Cage Match, shall we? (SPOILER WARNING, for trailer content only. Also spoiler: there are no winners in this battle, except producers. And people… Read more »
Eight Things You Should Know about "John Carter"
This weekend marks the long-anticipated release of John Carter of Mars, a movie that spent 80 years in discussion for adaptation and has only now managed to happen, which is kind of telling. Given the length of its incubation period, and the mangling of a marketing campaign that, among other things, shortened the title to John Carter so that people would definitely have the least possible clue about what was going on in John Carter and the SuperSaturated Red Blob Poster: The Movie, it’s safe to say that everyone was… Read more »

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