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Does what it says on the tin. (I don’t have an autograph session planned, but I’ll be around, probably in the book room or scrabbling for caffeine, and if you have something you’d like signed, please just tap me on the shoulder!) Friday, July 13 2:00 PM RI Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Expanding Our Knowledge. Michael Cisco, John Kessel, Theodore Krulik (leader), John Langan, Genevieve Valentine. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein describes how it is essential to the human spirit to explore new realms, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Shelley points the way… Read more »
To understand this question mark, let’s first all just acknowledge that this is Karl Urban’s next movie, and it’s actually happening, and it will be a total mess and/or pulpy satiric comedy gold: There’s something comfortingly meta about a movie in which the major drug is called SLO-MO and makes time run at a convenient pound-the-extras speed. If it’s awful, it seems as though it knows it; if it’s actually a searing satire about institutional urban poverty and abuse of police power, so much the better! (Nobody lay money on… Read more »
I’m on deadline this week, so most of what I have to say is either word count or “IT’S SO HOT WHY SWEET LORD WHY” in preparation for tomorrow (and at KGB tonight), but I wanted to update with two quick things! 1. The cover for Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells is here! (See left!) From what I understand there are still some little tweaks to be made, but that AWESOME cover is going nowhere! A semi-final Table of Contents is here, for the curious. Please note my longest story… Read more »
Magick4Terri: Rock of Ages
So, one time, I probably said something like, “You couldn’t pay me to watch another Tom Cruise movie.” And then I realized that when you put yourself up for auction for terrible movie reviews and agree to honor the two highest bidders and one of them is someone who was your friend until around 11:49 this morning, you are, in fact, going to watch a Tom Cruise movie, and it’s going to be the living karaoke-bait that is Rock of Ages. The good news is that Tom Cruise is not… Read more »
Three things make a post, right? 1. My first book review for NPR (!) is now live: I reviewed John Scalzi’s Redshirts here! 2. Another first: I have an interview in this month’s Locus! I dig the picture accompanying my spread (seen here), in which there are awesome Victorian circus shenanigans going on behind me, and I am judging them harshly, probably because they are out late? That seems like what I’m thinking. (What I’m actually thinking is, “Like a person!”, on repeat, as hard as I can.) 3. I’ll… Read more »
(The movies, not the pet proclivity.) For this round of Intertitles, I talked about the sexual subtext of the Cat People films, and how that subtext changed alongside the cultural conversation that was happening in the respective eras in which each film was made (or did it? I mean, it did, but did it? This would be funnier if ladies having sexual feelings wasn’t somehow still a hugely controversial hot-button issue). Was this partially an excuse to mumble “…with gasoLEEEEEEEN” under my breath about a hundred times while I wrote… Read more »

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