So, in the unavoidable blanket of celebrity culture, you might have heard that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren’t dating any more.

She slept with [ETA: affaired-with in a possibly non-naked way] Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and the Hunstman. She issued an apology she wrote herself (an unusual move for anyone with a PR team). She and Robert have apparently parted ways. She is not saying anything else publicly. He is not saying anything else publicly.

Sanders, a married man with kids who was her boss on the movie, has not said anything publicly.

Last night, it was announced that Universal had ditched Kristen Stewart from the Snow White and the Hunstman franchise.

Still there: Rupert Sanders.

So, let’s talk about what we, as a celebrity culture, talk about when we talk about Kstew. (Please note this is not about the morality of cheating, because it’s an admittedly-serious issue that I think is moot within the ego-pit that is Hollywood, and because nothing about this indicates interest in punishing cheating, just Stewart.)

Let’s eliminate the fact that Stewart was already regularly under fire for not being enthusiastic enough to press. Let’s eliminate the rumors that Robert Pattinson cheated during the course of the relationship, with no public repercussions if so. (We’ll put it with the rumors that one of them was bearding for the other, which was persistent, but bearding pairs usually go their separate ways with less disastrous publicity than this, so who knows.)

If Pattinson cheated, we know he’d have avoided equivalent shit. However, it seems odd that he would have received NONE — but that is how much shit Rupert Sanders has gotten. In fact, they’re removing his leading lady to make him feel more comfortable!

The double standard here is so blatant, the misogyny so obvious, that it’s remarkable that Hollywood is buying into this so wholesale. To be fair, amidst hordes of tweens holding vigils for Pattinson, speople are aware of the shenanigans – after public outcry, Universal announced this morning that Stewart “might appear” in the next film, and they just meant it would be more Huntsman-centric so it’s not because Stewart is a big cheating harlot also marketing please pay your twelve bucks and shut up etc., and a few hours ago they indicated they were just kidding before about the whole thing. (It’s forced me to be pleased about something about a movie that’s bound to be terrible; I don’t like it!)

But in general, Stewart is expected to take her lumps (she’s already pulled out of one film, and has curtailed planned public appearances), because apparently it was just that monstrous of her to sleep with a married man who has two kids and was also her boss until the office agreed to fire her.

What she’s done (cheating on her boyfriend with a married man with kids who was in a position of power over her, I want to bring this up a lot) is apparently so unforgivable in a Hollywood that has never heard of infidelity before, ever, that she is — until the collective memory forgives her — unemployable. (Arguments about whether she might’ve become unemployable due to lack of talent can be addressed to Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz, and Angelina Jolie — who slept with a married man and got a career boost out of it.)

To sum up: Hollywood? You have to be kidding me.

Hopefully after the paroxysms of Sudden-Onset Moral Outrage are over, Hollywood will find some other lady to demonize. (Miley Cyrus cut her hair, which is good for three weeks of downward-spiral gossip. You think I am kidding.)

But until then, the casting directors want you to remember that being a young celebrity doesn’t mean you can live outside the rules! I mean, you CAN, but you’d better be a dude.