Because of dollars, I will not be attending Worldcon this year. However, thanks to many people who are awesome, I have an event by proxy, and will have books available!

First! Writer Christopher Rowe, who also happens to be a superlative reader, has agreed to read my horror story “Good Fences” during the Nightmare/Lightspeed reading by John Joseph Adams! It’s your chance to get a sneak peek (the magazine doesn’t launch until October), and also a chance to hear Christopher read, if you haven’t had the pleasure.

The reading is Friday, August 31 at 1:30pm in Haymarket: Bronze West, and you should go and applaud Christopher for being the best sport in the world.


Bookwise, even though stock is a little scarce in general while the reprint is happening, we have scored some copies of Mechanique, and those who are interested can pick it up at Larry Smith Bookseller, beginning sometime Thursday, if all goes well!

And while I know myself better than to make promises about this, if I can bend the rules of time and space, I hope to have some signed bookmarks there at some point during the con with which to mark your copy (or a copy of anything, I am not picky and bookmarks are useful).

Have a great con!