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So, back in the dawn of time, I was on a podcast! Honestly, though, I can’t believe I never wrote this puppy up, especially since when hosts John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley asked me to appear on an episode of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy to talk about angels and the afterlife in film and television, it was with the taunting postscript, “You can talk about Legion!” We know I can’t pass that up. (In fact, I think one of my favorite parts was David trying to describe… Read more »
Six Things You Should Know About "Elementary"
Tonight was the premiere of the much-anticipated Elementary, which has been the subject of great discussion during the promo run! A modern-day Sherlock Holmes? In New YORK? Alongside Dr. JOAN Watson? Grab the smelling salts! I sort of wish I was kidding, but honestly, not since that one time Sherlock and Watson were mice has an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes caused such controversy. Largely, this is because we’re in a bit of a heyday for both Sherlock Holmes and the procedural detective show. A modern-day adaptation will be compared to… Read more »
The Great Mouse Detective: A Study in Sherlock
If you want to get to the heart of Sherlock Holmes, start by watching Without a Clue. The 1987 satire follows detective-MD Watson trapped in his own stories of the fictitious “Sherlock Holmes” and the actor he hired to play the public role – an actor who becomes an unkillable press darling and gets credit for all Watson’s work. The duo eventually transform into legend: the savvy, all-knowing investigator and the slightly bumbling right-hand man. This feature-length commentary is broad, but it’s not wrong. Sherlock Holmes is one of the… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: the 2012 Emmys
The Byzantine luxury-turf war that is the red carpet came alive last night for the Emmys! Sometimes, a clear trend rules the red carpet, and everyone shows in shimmering beige and you have to sort them out based on a Martha Stewart paint chips with names like Tawny Lint. Not so this time! This was a year of so many trends that nobody knew quite what to do, except some people who looked amazing, and some other people who accepted bad advice by stylists who were probably secretly paid out… Read more »
Heads up: Dredd is kind of an unrelenting movie. It’s not the plot – the plot’s so pared-down The Warriors would approve. In perpetually grimy Mega-City 1, veteran Judge Dredd and rookie psychic Judge Anderson show up to a triple homicide at Peach Trees, a 200-story complex under the control of crime lord Ma-Ma and her operation, manufacturing the time-stopping, glittery-rainbow-and-Tabernacle-Choir hallucinogen Slo-Mo. When the Judges arrest a middleman who knows more than he should, Ma-Ma locks them in and begins a Judge-hunt that gets more claustrophobic and desperate the… Read more »
Five Things You Should Know About "Revolution"
Extremely short version: Nope. Less short version: It’s fifteen years after The Blackout. Charlie is a feisty young lady who lives with her father in their subdivision, which has avoided any internal skirmishes for resources or outside marauders or anything, and is basically a slightly-rusted Shire with more brand-new plaid shirts and skinny jeans. When The Man shows up to claim her father, and her brother gets trigger-happy and sets off a two-sided massacre, it’s up to Charlie (who was out pouting by the Ferris wheel, they live in one… Read more »

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