This week, I was a guest on Lawrence M. Schoen’s ongoing series Eating Authors, which you will be relieved to know is not at all about cannibalism, and is instead about authors’ most memorable meals.

I tell a story about meeting one of my first Internet Friends, who, when she decided it was at least going to work out for the length of a meal, took me to what has become one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Tea and Sympathy.

It became a favorite because bringing visiting friends there for the first time always feels like going there for the first time myself; it stayed my favorite because when you meet someone there, it feels like you’re meeting up at home.

Also, let’s face it, because of the food.

Photo of a couple of delicious scones via Serious Eats

Check out Lawrence’s blog for the full story, including the mandatory Faramir indignation (more related that it sounds)!