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Channel Flip: Blade: Trinity
The Strange Horizons Channel Flip continues! You have under Sunday to donate/request ten minutes of whatever movie you’d like me to sit through! And someone chose Blade: Trinity. Shall we? Timestamp: 00:49:15 Well, somebody’s on the hunt! Wesley Snipes (who is sort of delightful as Blade, if we’re being honest), Ryan Reynolds (who tries so, so hard to be delightful), and Jessica Biel (incapable of being delightful) march their way into Montage Town. Let’s all appreciate everyone’s fight-ready clothing, shall we? Layers and layers of well-considered wound protection, or, if… Read more »
I was going to save that title for when I headed to World Fantasy next week. (If, in some impossible stroke of luck, I make it out there in time, I even have a reading at 2pm on Friday! We…will see about that!) However, given that we will be smack in the middle of Hurricane Sandy at the time I was supposed to be headed up to Toronto, and that things are already looking ominous outside, might as well use it now, since the Channel Flips will be slow in… Read more »
Channel Flip: "The Fifth Element"
That old SF-drama-action-comedy, The Fifth Element, is a Strange Horizons channel-flip! Timestamp: 1:40 Bruce Willis went to an arts festival! And, as happens when Bruce goes anywhere in a movie, ever: Explosions. Aliens shooting up the place! Marble dust everywhere! Bruce Willis asks beefcake Mozart for a gun, but the guy can’t hear him, and rolls him…balls of gum. Movie, you cannot be serious. That’s the worst. Bruce is out to save Chris Tucker, stranded on the balcony. He’s got a Prince bodysuit, and he won poker with Elizabeth Taylor… Read more »
For those who are local, I will be reading at Brooklyn’s Singularity & Co. this Friday, October 26 at 7:00pm! As part of the I, Reader series, I will be reading a work by someone else. As part of the Halloween season, I will be reading something creepy. The selection of something creepy that does not make me pull “Augh!” faces as I read will continue, I’m sure, throughout Friday, but you should definitely come out and decide how well I did! Details on my co-readers (John Wray), Keith R.… Read more »
Channel Flip: "Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight"
Yes, it sounds like a Bath and Body Works limited-edition fragrance, but it’s the actual title of the animated Dragonlance movie! And I was assigned it as a channel-flip. Disclaimer: I am pleased I knew what Dragonlance even was, prior to this. That is my level of knowledge. This was an extremely illuminating ten minutes. I’m not sure if it’s because of this utter lack of context, or if that’s just how this movie plays. I took a lot of screencaps; we’ll decide together. Timestamp: 14:55 Open in a tavern… Read more »
Channel Flip: "The Happiest Millionaire"
The Strange Horizons channel-flipping extravaganza continues with everyone’s favorite upper-class musical romp featuring absolutely implausible historical costumes, The Happiest Millionaire! You know the one! (I mean, honestly, do you? I did not know this one whatsoever.) Timestamp: 2:09 Wow, we are in medias musica between two ladies in a full-on society war! And not to alarm anyone, but this lady in back has totally stolen Dowager Violet Crawley’s hat, and some shit will be had about that when the Countess finds out. They snipe about what makes someone well-positioned in… Read more »

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