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The Hour
Season 2 of The Hour premiered in the US last night! I want to talk about it, but to talk about Season 2, you have to talk about Season 1. Let’s do that. (Mild spoilers for Season 1, obviously.) ** The Hour loves its puzzles. There’s the investigative puzzle-piecing of a political thriller: on a large scale, newsmagazine The Hour covers the burgeoning Suez Crisis; on a smaller one, there’s a mole in the BBC with their eyes fixed on the fledging show. There are the half-spoken dialogues of a… Read more »
Channel Flip: El Cid
Channel Flip continues! We’re in the home stretch, this time with a movie that takes up two entire discs, one of which was probably just the credited cast: El Cid! Timestamp: Disc 2, 00:02:51 (I can only assume that the actual timestamp is something like 4:02:51 into an eight-hour movie.) So, we open as a gent on a horse rides up to a convent! Bold move, but rude. Convents are not for dudes! It is like the number-one rule of a convent! He doesn’t think so, though; he strolls up… Read more »
Air time, and Chasing Ice
Tonight, at 1:30am Eastern, I’ll be on Hour of the Wolf at WBAI alongside scholar and writer Veronica Schanoes! Unofficial topics slated for coverage include: Hollywood blacklisting, whether I am making funny faces at her like people can see them over the radio, all movies ever. I may also be giving a slightly more formal film review; I’ve been contributing capsule reviews to WBAI and Pacifica Radio affiliates recently, and it’s given me the chance to see some very interesting films. One of the most compelling of these is Chasing… Read more »
In Which A Woman Dresses
A thing happened this morning, regarding Jessica Biel, and I got feelings. I don’t like Biel. I think she’s one of the most wooden actresses working today, and she’s skated by on her admittedly-lovely bone structure for pretty much the duration. If you want to criticize her wedding to a total jackass and their total-jackass wedding slideshow debacle, you absolutely should, because that shit was not okay! If you want to criticize her non acting, I will be right there with you – it is her chosen craft, and she… Read more »
Quick morning post: I will be reading tonight at the NYRSF celebration of “After!” I will be reading my who-makes-the-news story, “The Segment,” alongside N.K. Jemisin and Matt Kressel, under the watchful eye of our hosts, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling! I’d love to see you there. More information about the Soho Gallery for Digital Art (and directions, if you are like me and in a constant state of being lost as hell) can be found here!… Read more »
Channel Flip: "Space Precinct"
The Channel Flip continues! Is this two space operas in a row? You bet. Is this because Netflix sent me irrelevant discs without any particular reasoning? You bet! And until they arrive, more blurry screenshots from shows that are set “in the future” even though they are firmly dressed for the early ’90s, like Space Precinct. Episode: “Friends,” selected at random Timestamp: 00:28:37 We open on a pair of angry, hardened criminals dressed for mayhem: I mean, they could be mandatory identification vests of their faction, but as they argue… Read more »

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