So, I was just alerted to this on Twitter, which I hope means it’s okay to talk about, because I really, really want to talk about it.

This is the cover art for my novella “Terrain,” which is publishing this spring! The artist is Richard Anderson, who the magic of Google tells me can possibly be found here.

I often feel a little silly trying to sum up my own stories (whenever I try, I have to resist the urge to end every logline with “They fight crime!”). This piece definitely captures a lot of the elements of the setup – a motley crew of messengers and the vaguely-steampunk all-terrains they use to deliver messages – which is awesome, but (among other things) I wanted this story to be about land, and loneliness, and how closely they’re tied in ways we don’t expect, and when I got the Twitter alert and opened the link, it was everything I could have imagined. I love it so much; I can’t wait.