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"You are remarkable, a most remarkable girl"
[title via] While working on edits for Glad Rags (which I can’t wait to tell you more about, as soon as I’m able!), I got a chance to revisit some of my research-image folders, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to look again at some of the things that informed the writing of the book, as well as some pictures that served more like cautionary tales (we’ll get there). Io9 recently did a piece about why the decade is still so popular. I gave some thoughts there, and obviously it’s been… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: the Oscars 2013
Well, the Oscars HAPPENED this year, didn’t they? (They happened to be dreadful.) There is, of course, a world of nonsense involved when the richest and most elevated echelons of a subculture come together to congratulate themselves; that’s par for the course with most celeb culture. However, even for an event which shut a woman director out of nominations even while nominating the movie for Best Picture (for a picture with some seriously problematic elements – Hollywood, you’re a delight), last night’s show was pretty dismal. I ended up seeing… Read more »
Channel Flip: Red Dwarf
In high school, someone tried to introduce me to Red Dwarf. In many ways her taste was excellent, and I was introduced to some fine British shows through her; I think I lasted about ten minutes with Lister, Rimmer and crew. And yet, here we are, Channel Flipping it! Life’s funny. (The show isn’t, but life is!) I suspect this is one of those shows in which any ten-minute chunk is going to contain both a lot of things happening and very little actual development of anything. The overwhelming feeling… Read more »
Ten Things You Should Know About Beautiful Creatures
A movie that’s wholly bad more or less speaks for itself. Its level of awareness of its own badness will vary; the full scope and exact nature of its awfulness will, like a Tolstoy marriage, be unhappy in its own way. But a movie that shows promise is always more wrenching, somehow, when it goes wrong, like watching someone you thought was savvy take an oversize tricycle out on a road studded with sinkholes, and realizing too late that their strategy for navigation is Pedal So Fast The Holes Don’t… Read more »
Anatomy of a Movie I'm Skipping: Jack the Giant Slayer
I watch a lot of bad movies. It’s assumed sometimes that I will, therefore, watch EVERY bad movie. If only! But for many reasons, I just can’t. Partially, that’s not fiscally possible, since Adam Sandler puts out at least four movies a year and that’s without the Apatow contingent spitting out another cumulative half-dozen. Partially, because apparently I need to sleep during some hours of the day, unfortunately, and my computer would explode from overheating if I watched Netflix 24/7. Partially, because sometimes I use my movie-hours to watch actual… Read more »
"Captain Justice Saves the Day" in Mad Scientist's Guide!
Today marks the birthday of The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, an anthology of stories that take a second look at the “mad scientist” label, in one way or another. My contribution to the anthology is “Captain Justice Saves the Day,” which actually features very little of Captain Justice (spoilers?) and quite a bit of Dr. Methuselah Mason and his administrative assistant, Brenda Bryce, who’s trying to deal with an IT department who cruelly stalks the night, among other very particular office-management requirements. This is definitely not a story… Read more »

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