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Channel Flip: Streets of Fire
So after I posted my last (or rather, latest), Channel Flip, two people got in touch to very kindly ask about the movies they were still waiting, with saintly patience, for me to recap. One was Streets of Fire, a Rock’n’Roll Fable that answered pretty much all my life questions except one you ask of everyone in this, “What are you DOING here?”, even as you pretty much enjoy yourself. The point is, I needed no further encouragement to get this post-apoc Casablanca sent to me in the mail posthaste!… Read more »
The Supersizers: Wartime
Welcome back! After the unqualified success that was pointing a camera at Giles and Sue as they ate stuff, the BBC snapped them up for twelve more episodes chronicling a spotty and hilarious history of food. This week, it’s Wartime, as Sue and Giles go back to the home front and make do and mend, do their best to entertain GIs, and only occasionally inform people nearby what’s going on. Note: The comparatively dull pilot got away with a normal amount of screencaps. That is…not the case here. VITAL STATS… Read more »
The Supersizers: Edwardian
(Technically this is “Edwardian Supersize Me,” because if this show loved anything more than getting its hosts drunk it was renaming the show every two weeks, but we’re going to try and hold things together. There are enough confusing things later.) Welcome to the Supersizers rewatch! We begin at the beginning, with the pilot that brought together Giles Coren, restaurant critic and perpetually awkward man of general questionability, and Sue Perkins, commentator-at-large who is probably dressed by snarky animated bluebirds every morning. Giles is sort of in love with her,… Read more »
Channel Flip: "The Kibbles and Bits of Hellorama"
It’s my final Channel Flip (I think – if your request hasn’t been filled, drop me a comment stat)! Most people asked for Channel Flips for movies and television they either themselves enjoy, or hope I’ll hate as much as they might secretly hate it. It’s been a blast, mostly! In this last Channel Flip, I learn to be more specific in terms of what I’ll watch, if I ever offer again after this puppy, because someone will eventually request a movie that person made themselves in what looks like… Read more »
Stoker, ICFA, and Queen Victoria updates!
Remember how much I dug Stoker? Me, too! In fact, I have a guest article up at io9! It’s more spoilery than the one on my site, and discusses how the film is a supernatural and monstrous coming-of-age. (I continue to dig it.) I’ll be at ICFA next week! I’ll be doing a reading at 8:30am on Saturday, which means I will probably be reading directly into my vat of coffee. Blogging will slow down to Probably Nothing, but I’ll also be updating my Twitter hardly ever, so that’s a… Read more »
Introducing: The Supersizers
So, occasionally I really enjoy something that is both hilarious and kind of embarrassing all at once, and I want to walk through the entire thing with everyone in the world so we can all talk about it together. Previously, it was The Catherine Cookson Experience, in which I congratulated an innumerable cadre of character actors as they made their way through a variety of situations about love, social commentary, and wearing half a basketball strapped to your waist to indicate your illegitimate pregnancy. Many people found love and happiness!… Read more »

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