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The Supersizers: Regency
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of historical foodstuffs must be in want of someone willing to eat wine-soaked rarebit at 10pm. That means another Supersizers, because nothing looks as good for sore eyes as two Brits trussed up in chokingly-hot layers and poking at various potted meats, am I right? This week, the Regency! The producers make Giles and Sue siblings, which means they act like marrieds anyway. Featuring the loss of their fortunes, repeatedly!… Read more »
AV Club Roundup, and Axe Cop
So, I’ve been writing some things for AV Club, and it’s roundup time! The theatre-nerd part of me loved It’s the Hard Knock Life, which was a great no-frills documentary about a choreographer determined to recreate the iconic musical number, the set designer who wants to put the smallest one in a drawer, and a group of girls who are that stage-kid mixture of 8 and 48, including the one who promises that if acting doesn’t work out, she’ll always have academics. There’s not a lot of edge to it… Read more »
The Sharknado Drinking Game
So, everyone experienced Sharknado the first time around, I hope? I know some people didn’t, because they were asleep, or locked in barns by prankster friends, or staying in major hotel chains that don’t even offer SyFy and leave you in the dark for 72 hours. The good news, for those who missed it: Sharknado was so popular that they’re airing it again today at 7pm Eastern! The good news for everyone else: Sharknado is always happening. It has always happened. Look up at the sky. Know that the gathering… Read more »
The Circus Tresaulti heads for Brazil!
Now that it’s on the Darkside Books site, hopefully it’s all official and okay to post about here: Mechanique will be coming to Brazil! (Oh, and the cover’s kind of gorgeous, just saying.) O Circo Mecânico Tresaulti is due out August 25. Details for the curious can be found here!… Read more »
Pacific Rim
I’m at convention this weekend; I had planned to arrive in time to watch the late-night rerun of Sharknado, because there was no way I was missing Sharknado. As it turns out, there was a way, since the hotel didn’t carry the necessary channel, which meant my plans of a sublime B-movie were dashed. On the other hand, I saw Pacific Rim last night, which pretty much fit the bill, only better.… Read more »
The Fosters
Despite still bearing an endless grudge against ABCFamily for their cancellation of The Middleman, and being forever wary of some of their core programming (The Secret Life of the American Teenager is a fever dream from which we’ll never wake!), I was intrigued when the network announced The Fosters for its summer lineup; the drama would focus on a two-mom multicultural family including biological, adopted, and foster children. That’s it. That’s the show. Except The Fosters is doing some interesting work! Let’s talk about it.… Read more »

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