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"In This Together" at Strange Horizons
I have a new column up at Strange Horizons this week! “In This Together” talks about the opposing (but sometimes complementary) explorations of duality presented by two very different movies set just before an oncoming apocalypse: Pacific Rim, in which only perfectly-communicated teamwork will save the world from giant monsters from another dimension and it will all be okay so long as we trust each other and work hard, and Melancholia, in which everyone in the world is totally screwed, and only two codependent sisters who have never effectively communicated… Read more »
Counting Cards
I went to the Cloisters yesterday for a little unicorn research (best kind of research). Though they are not big on anyone taking pictures and therefore I only have one of a flower waving merrily from atop a sign reading POISON PLANT, I ran across a couple of very interesting costumes. Their Search for the Unicorn exhibit featured this Florentine panel in tempera, which was truly stunning in person, and dates between 1450-60, possibly the zenith of headgear that looked like prototypes of alien spacecraft.… Read more »
The White Queen
Over at The AV Club on Friday, I reviewed The White Queen, the BBC coproduction now hopping the pond to Starz, where its ten episodes will acquire approximately 70% more butts than previously and make no more sense than it did before. (The first episode is a lump of setup punctuated by an attempted rape – great, thanks, helpful! – so I waited until today to tell you, because there was no need to tune into that piece of business. Play the long game and start with Episode 2.)… Read more »
The Girl Stays in the Picture
Eight Silent Films and the Women Who Made Them Legendary The silent-movie boom of the early 20th century left an indelible mark on pop culture, and is perhaps the cinema era that cinema loves best. From Singin’ in the Rain to The Artist, Hollywood often returns to those seemingly-halycon days of dashing men who made movies happen, and ingenues they loved. It’s a familiar picture, but it’s missing something. The women of silent film, though often referenced in style, are largely forgotten in their substance: the power they wielded behind… Read more »
TV Movies and Other Accidental Horrors
Sometimes I tell friends to watch things that are awful. It’s harder if the only recommendation I have is, “No, you can’t imagine how bad it is until you see it.” It gets more awkward if it’s something I found during one of my down-the-rabbit hole Netflix fugue states, where I snap out of it the next day and realize I’ve watched seven movies, each worse than the last, until I nearly rewatched Blood of Beasts, a “Viking” Beauty and the Beast story where the only part that ever stays… Read more »

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