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Sleepy Hollow: "Blood Moon"
Well, Sleepy Hollow is now two episodes old, and after spending its pilot doing about twenty things, this week it resurrected a dead guy, gave us ghosts, visions, and flashbacks in a single episode, and made a Batcave. And in case you weren’t sure if it was trying to move things alone, it also taught Ichabod Crane how to do a bunch of stuff in a 30-second montage so we didn’t have to wonder if he’d attack the coffeepot or anything. It’s too soon to decide if the show is… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: 2013 Emmys
(Melissa Leo, winner for Guest Star in a Comedy, in a really interesting take on a tux, plus a tiny yet bulky blue scarf that stylists probably had to restrain themselves from yanking off her whenever she passed by.) The Emmys were last night! I watched the whole thing so I could help The A.V. Club livetweet it, and it turns out it was terrible, with the possible brief exception of the So You Think You Can Dance team breaking rank by putting effort into something. I do not regret… Read more »
Sleepy Hollow Begins
It’s aliiiiive! Sleepy Hollow is aliiiive! Based on the previews, it looked like it had the potential to be a huge wreck. And it could have been! It’s certainly as cheeseball as it looked. It could, let’s be honest, still turn into a total mess at any second. But the pilot knows its formula and manages to have fun with it without being careless, which is probably all anyone could have asked from a show that is trying to sell you seven seasons on the idea that a coven of… Read more »
Boardwalk Empire
Okay, well, I meant to catch up on everything, and then I ended up working Fashion Week, which, like all event work, probably sounds more interesting than it is (“What did you do?” “Cut circles out of paper for eight hours and then glued them onto string for three hours.” “…oh.”), but I dig it. The other thing I did this week was starting some new coverage at the A.V. Club! I’m now recapping Boardwalk Empire (taking over for Noel Murray, whose recaps are pretty great), which is a show… Read more »
Writing Roundup!
News Roundup! Because it’s already September (how? What?), and there are some things to catch up on! • Mechanique is out in Brazil, and Darkside has done some gorgeous design for it; check out their page for O Circo Mecânico Tresaulti! • I’ve sold my novelette “The Insects of Love” to! It will be appearing sometime next spring, which will coincide with plenty of bugs, so that’s nice. • I also have some reprints in anthologies that came out this summer: “Carthago Delena Est” appears in Aliens: Recent Encounters,… Read more »

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