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Sleepy Hollow: "Sanctuary"
The best thing about Sleepy Hollow this week was the person who used Cillian Murphy as the base for their photomanip of Lachlan Fredericks: The rest of the episode was a bit of a rocky ride; the haunted-house setup turned into another attempt to shoehorn Katrina into the narrative, this time to channel Ichabod’s rage about the weekly plot twist in time to save the day. It’s easier to expand on this in the spoilery recap, but in general, Katrina is this show’s way to tie all the monsters of… Read more »
Reign Report: "Chosen"
This week on Reign, pagans from the woods threatened to kill Mary, and Madysyn took up an entire subplot being the worst courtier in the entire world. (I actually got a chance to sub in on this episode at the AV Club, for which I had to look up Madysyn’s real name.) I laughed out loud twice this week purely because of everyone’s inability to read a room, and once because I was wrong. The first laugh was because of Madysyn, who tells her friends she’s the King’s new mistress,… Read more »
Catching Fire
Today my review of Catching Fire (some vague spoilers included) is up at Philadelphia Weekly! (Headline theirs; one of my major beefs with the movie was actually how it didn’t feel like last time, so for better or worse, there you go.) For those who haven’t seen the Cover Girl glam looks for Hunger Games tributes, and think maybe it’s not quite as weird as it sounds, they look like this: I recognize the element of cosplay here, but this isn’t someone’s personal cosplay, it’s a major marketing push by… Read more »
Sleepy Hollow: Necromancer: Into Darkness: The Confusening
Sleepy Hollow pulled out a major reveal this week! It also introduced that major reveal, about ten minutes before it revealed it. It is not a super great reveal. I made each of these faces at some point during the episode. I have maintained time and again that for a show trying to balance actual character development in an often-madcap mythology soup, the show has a remarkable grasp of its tone and pacing, able to wink at itself but keep a handle on major developments. This is the first time… Read more »
Reign Report: "A Chill in the Air"
At last, REIGN holds a party so spectacular they release official promotional stills! And that party? A Harvest Festival. (Or, as it was known in the Tudor era, Basically Every Day You Could Get to a Market Town.) The Harvest Festival is taking place in one of France’s greatest architectural treasures of the era, Barely a Barn Studios: This show is a gift.… Read more »
Boardwalk, Sleepy Hollow, and the East Coast
Last thing first: I’m back on the East Coast! End of thing. (The usual blurry travelogue photos are still to come; after using three cameras of decent make over the last several years, this was the trip where I finally gave up and admitted I just have terribly unsteady hands. Nobody give me your nice glassware when I come visit.) Sample photos, from the V&A and Cornwall (we can chalk the bad bodice photo up to glass cases and low light, I guess; this is one of the few in-focus… Read more »

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