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Readercon and a Fiction Update
It’s Friday and I foolishly agreed to let a friend come stay with me, which means I’m screencapping Merlin: Book of Beasts in giant bursts in between desperately trying to cram all my horrible mess into a cartoon closet. Someday soon I will try cataloging some of the Musketeers’ most priceless facial expressions, but today’s not that day. Fiction update instead! First up, amid everyone’s Readercon schedules, this seems as good a time as any to mention I’ll unfortunately be missing Readercon this year due to a family obligation. The… Read more »
Penny Dreadful: "Possession"
We’re in the home stretch of Penny Dreadful, and as my longest-ever io9 recap would suggest, a lot happened! It was a lot of beautiful payoff for all the setup, the kind of thing that makes you wish the season was one episode longer and the last one was just a really long poker game where Victor can’t do anything right and then whoever tries to teach him something gets their head yanked off by Caliban or something (they’re not a stable group of people, there’s no way everyone would… Read more »
The Musketeers (and other travel)
Catching up on stuff! NPR’s summer reading list this year is Book Your Trip, which groups some really interesting books by mode of transit (including an entire category for hot air balloons). I contributed a handful, including women-crossing-Antarctica biography No Horizon is So Far, Wild Seed, and From the Mixed-up Files (a journey at which I marveled as a child, and more so now, given that as an adult I am only fractionally more on top of my daily life than they were when they lived at a museum).… Read more »
PERSONA has a cover!
Yesterday, io9 hosted the… Read more »
Penny Dreadful: "What Death Can Join Together"
Last night, everything started falling apart on Penny Dreadful, and it was both campily hilarious, because that’s what we’re here for, and a little amazing. (The fact that Caliban is presumably walking the streets waiting for anyone to be nice to Victor so he can snap their neck and bellow “MAKE ME A GIRLFRIEEEEND” into the sky was this episode’s greatest twist.) But as always, this series is Vanessa’s show, and she fell apart harder than anyone when her demon came back to haunt her. Loved this excruciatingly slow moment… Read more »
Penny Dreadful: "Closer Then Sisters"
REAL-LIFE NOTE: On Friday at 7pm I’ll be at BookCourt in Brooklyn to talk about The Girls at the Kingfisher Club with my editor, Daniel Loedel. (It’s called “in conversation” because when they asked me if I wanted to just show up and give a talk I laughed really hard and then hid.) When io9 asked me to write 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Penny Dreadful, I gave the ensemble their due, because it’s an amazing ensemble, and then gave Vanessa Ives a bullet point all to herself. Partly… Read more »

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