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Stuff I've Badmouthed Recently
Well, only sort of. But I realized the last thing I posted here was the Catwoman announcement, and not any of my nonfiction work directly before or since. Obviously I’m still stoked about Catwoman, but I didn’t realize how much time’s gotten away from me in the last few weeks. Yikes. (I don’t think I ever even mentioned how much I enjoyed Snowpiercer! Though the linked piece is more about the function of a particular image than the entire film, which I thought was a marvelously unsubtle parable that worked… Read more »
As of yesterday, it’s official: I’ll be writing an arc of CATWOMAN for DC Comics. (That’s her on the left, from the cover by Jae Lee that will be the first of this run, and that I will probably just blow up into a huge poster in my house, who are we kidding.) To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. Selina Kyle has been close to my heart in several of her incarnations; I’m gobsmacked to be able to write for her. I’m not sure what I’m allowed… Read more »
Penny Dreadful:"Grand Guignol"
Well, that was a season of television, wasn’t it? (It actually felt like two seasons of television deeply condensed, but that’s part of the thrill.) And among all the big reveals that we all knew were coming but they managed to just portent about until the eighth episode because why wouldn’t you, we got some amazing parallels that paid off all the loaded aesthetics that had come before: Finale, “Grand Guignol”: Pilot, “Night Work”: Perfectly evocative of the changes in each of them and their relationship since the beginning of… Read more »

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