A couple of announcements! First, if I have not announced it already: I’ll be a Guest of Honor at Capclave this October, alongside Holly Black and Paolo Bacigalupi!

The convention is the weekend of October 10. When not heckling Holly from the audience of whatever panels she’s doing, I hope to be talking about movies, TV, writing as a day job, and whatever else they decide to ask me and/or I can’t stop talking about.

I’ll also have a special project on sale there: my first-ever novella, DREAM HOUSES. It will be a limited print edition, the first 250 of which will be signed. (Cover below; I dig the art, but that ’70s space-movie tagline may or may not be my favorite part.)

It takes a certain type to crew a ship that drops you seven years at a time into the Deep. Kite-class cargo ships like Menkalinan get burned-out veterans, techs who’ve been warned off-planet, medics who weren’t much good on the ground. The Gliese-D run isn’t quite the end of the line, but it’s getting there. No cachet, no rewards, no future; their trading posts get Kites full of cargo that the crew never ask questions about, because if it’s headed for Gliese-D, it’s probably something nobody wanted.

A year into the Deep, Amadis Reyes wakes up. Menkalinan is sounding the alarm; something’s wrong. The rest of the crew are dead.

That’s not even what’s wrong.

It’s SF about survival, space, motets, and deer, and I’m very excited to share it with you.
Online pre-orders are available at the WSFA Press site. (For those who prefer their books in pixels, I hope to have some news soon about a possible e-edition!)

And for those coming to Capclave, I’ll see you there!