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Reign Report: "Banished"
Reign is one of the plot-churniest shows I have ever regularly watched, but every so often even this show hits an episode that leaves you feeling like you’re watching 42 minutes of Previously On, or possibly four episodes of a regular show. “Banished” was busy by Reign standards – the dog even makes another appearance! – and it was Catherine-heavy, which means I have pictures, because I missed her so much every second she was gone. The thing I want to start with, though, is costumes, because I have noticed… Read more »
Catwoman 38: "The Serpent"
In which things get noir as hell. In the wake of Events in the last issue, Selina truly has descended, and this issue is her setting up a Hail Mary pass to do the right thing, about anything, and hoping she can remember the reasons she took on the job to begin with. Plus, we begin to realize she’s up against more than just Black Mask. Here are the covers! Dig the sinister almost-alive cape on Batman in Jae Lee’s, and the adorable retro cover by Ty Templeton, in which… Read more »
Writing Catchup (and Sleepy Karaoke)
Okay, time for another news roundup! First, some fiction updates: my short story “A Dweller in Amenty” has been longlisted/preliminary balloted for the Stoker! And thanks to the Book smugglers writing over at Kirkus, there’s a lovely review of my novella, Dream Houses. Over at Strange Horizons, I’m also in good company, as I’ve been listed as Favorite Columnist, for which I’m grateful – thanks so much to everyone who voted! I appreciate anyone who’s willing to sit through a year’s worth of those titles. This year, I’m going to… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: 2015 SAG Awards
Red carpet season is in full swing! Last night we had the SAG Awards, otherwise known as the Costume B-Roll, where the only goal is to look half-decent, burn off whatever lingering obligations you have to a designer your client has promised to wear, and quietly begin marketing yourself for a very different role a year from now. As such, almost no one looked bad, because no one was taking any risks – this was a look nice & show up affair for neatly everyone. In that case, we’ll only… Read more »
Reign Report: "Getaway"
Reign is back from winter break, after introducing a very serious rape subplot to its usual camp stew with very uneven effects. It chose to make its winter debut with an episode about Catherine poisoning her daughter while sexing the ghost of her husband, gay priests who orchestrated the branding of Proestants but agree to stop, Kenna solving a mystery, an orgy party, and a moment where Mary learns to touch men again courtesy of Lord Conde, just to solidify the love triangle. I think Greer pretty much covers it.… Read more »
PERSONA: Meet Suyana Sapaki
Miss Universe is this weekend. The contestants have already gathered to play extremely awkward rounds of golf, smile blandly into the cameras during spa treatments, and perform in the comedy gold that is the National Costume Contest. There’s also a swimsuit competition, because of course there is. If you’ll notice, no matter what contestant you click on, you’ll get three seconds with them. Then it moves on every three seconds to somebody new, standing in front of a pool or leaning seductively against a tree trunk or posed in front… Read more »

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