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LA Times Festival of Books This Weekend!
I’m headed to LA this weekend for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! Here’s where you can see me, all on Saturday: 2pm: I’ll be doing a signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth (#368)! 4:30pm: I’ll be joining Ken Liu, Matthew Reilly, and moderator Todd Zuniga for the panel, “Bringing the Impossible to Life,” in the Annenberg Auditorium. 5:30pm: Another signing! This is, I believe, near the panel itself, which is handy for anyone who likes the shade; the beautiful, beautiful shade. You can get more details at the… Read more »
Reign Report: "Forbidden," "Tasting Revenge," "Tempting Fate"
Wow, I have been away from this show for a while! (So long was I gone that the show had an episode about a wine tasting called “Tasting Revenge,” which means this show feels way too safe without me. That’s a Xena title, show.) As it turns out, three at a time is the perfect dose in which to watch the show; the plot machine eddies once or twice and ends up actually moving a step ahead almost by accident! And, while I was gone, turns out the show was… Read more »
Red Carpet Rundown: MTA Movie Awards 2015
(Only two people in this picture really matter. Can you spot them?) I’ve talked before about the pageant qualities of the red carpet: how every look is the product of so many people the person in the dress is just the end user of some very complicated code, and what that code means. (Actual pageants helped inspire PERSONA; its sequel features a red carpet, for reasons.) But there’s something inescapably young-adult dystopian about the MTV red carpets, where most of the attendees are too young to rent a car but… Read more »
Dracula's Daughters, Attics, & Anna May Wong
Time for a nonfiction roundup! Recently I wrote my first piece for The Dissolve! Originally titled “Dracula’s Daughters” and then a long post-colon title, because it’s me, the essay examines how the woman vampire became cinematic shorthand for feminism over the last eighty years. This was a camp delight to research, and I really enjoyed writing it. I also enjoyed writing Daughter of the Dragon: Anna May Wong and The Hollywood Problem, but in that way you enjoy tearing a huge gross mess out of your attic. The recent Deadline… Read more »
Catwoman #40: "The Issue and End"
Last week, Catwoman ended an arc and started a new one – in both the literal and figurative senses. Selina as a mob boss was always going to be a big step, but it seemed like such rich ground for her, and am really glad Gotham gets to spend a little more time unpacking this long con – particularly since this arc gives us more crunchy stuff in the Gotham underworld when it’s going to look a little different (thanks to some of the events in Batman), and Selina will… Read more »

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